Meet the Founder of BLENDtw

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BLENDtw is digital media company empowering young people to share their stories to connect lives. In a disconnected world, they connect a generation that is suffering from depression and anxiety in epidemic numbers. And they do it by building hope, giving them access to resources, and telling stories that change people’s abilities to see themselves in the future as empowered and positive.  

Meet the Founder & CEO

Maricielo Solis has a great depth of knowledge in the Media industry with 5 years of experience working in digital media and TV news production. She started her career at NBC news working at the Today Show & MSNBC. Later, she transitioned to CNN where she helped produce the morning television show for CNN America. She has also written for NBC Latino and is very passionate about storytelling in all its form. Currently, at BLENDtw, Maricielo oversees all the editorial content of the publication, recruitment and manages all teams. 

Apart from BLENDtw, Maricielo is currently a host for Uplive where she talks about issues that affect our generation on a regular basis. She also is a motivational coach/speaker whom is frequently invited to speak at college events and conferences about the intersection of tech & media and its power to create social change. And she is currently working on her first-feature film she hopes to produce under the BLENDtw umbrella. 

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4 Reasons to Love BLENDtw

#1 Youth Empowerment

Our young people need to feel empowered. Before we became adults, we were children. We need to ensure that our children feel capable and able to take on the world. With BLENDtw, college students are provided a platform where they can share their voice and share a message with a world. How cool is that? 

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#2 Diverse Content

The internet is filled with a lot of content. Wouldn’t it be nice to read and consume content that reflected your opinion or your narrative? BLENDtw is offering this unique platform where young people can take in viewpoints that are similar to their own. If you are a college person interested in sharing your voice with the world, you should connect with BLENDtw HERE

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#3 Networking Opportunities

Networking is the #1 reason for all the blessings and opportunities I have in my life. Our young people need to understand the true value of networking as soon as possible. By joining BLENDtw, the writers have the opportunity to learn and connect with the BLENDtw team, the other writers, and the BLENDtw community. This is exactly what college students need to further their professional goals. 

#4 Share Your Story

Not only can BLENDtw writers share content around their passions and interests, but they can share their personal stories. This is incredibly important because we all have stories to share. Yet, so many of us aren’t taking the opportunity to do so. The more that you share your story, the higher chance you have of providing inspiration, education, and motivation to others really in need of it. This is one of the reasons why being a content creator is so important.  

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