Women’s Guide for Cool and Sexy Style

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Women have been struggling with style since the dawn of time – okay, not literally. But it’s definitely an issue that has plagued generations of women, and it’s not getting any easier. With access to more clothes than ever, style is becoming increasingly complex and not as simple as just picking what you like. Luckily, we’re here to help simplify it. From tips and tricks to style rules to live by, we’re making fashion fun again. It’s time to embrace your shape and style, because dressing your body should be a joy – not a battle.

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Dress to Your Body Shape

The number one trick to women’s style is figuring out how to dress to your body shape. Once you master that, you’re golden. Clothes that suit your shape will make you feel a million times more confident and sexy, and it’s as simple as understanding what body type you have (as tough as it might be to accept). While we might all want to have that perfect hourglass figure, it’s not a reality and that’s okay. Whether you’re pear-shaped, straight, petite, curvy, or any other shape, there’s a style that’s perfectly designed to highlight your assets and disguise your problem areas, because getting dressed should make you feel good about yourself.

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Don’t Buy Trendy

One of the biggest mistakes women make with clothes is buying trendy pieces that they’ll hate as soon as the season is over. Not only are you wasting your hard-earned money (that could totally be spent on more clothes!), but you’re getting stuck in a cycle where you buy a bunch of clothes, end up hating them, and have to reinvest in new clothes every season. This doesn’t make you feel good about yourself or your style, and it makes getting dressed an exhaustive chore. It’s time to break the cycle (sounds cheesy, we know) and invest in well-made clothing that will go the distance so that you feel good in what you’re wearing for more than just a season – and longer than the hottest celebrity or model says it’s cool.

Alter Your Clothes

The best-kept secret in the fashion industry? Altering your clothes to fit your exact shape. It shouldn’t be so hush-hush since tailors are virtually everywhere – just head to your nearest dry cleaner and ask for alteration services. They can alter clothes for almost any fit issue, whether it’s length, shoulders, waist, etc. You’ll end up with perfectly fitting clothes that look like they were designed for your body, and they’ll last you years longer than cheap, ill-fitting clothes. The wrong fit might be adding weight to your frame without you even realizing it. Invest in clothing you love, alter it to your shape, and never look back. Browse the Tiger Mist collection for quality clothing that you definitely won’t get tired of in a week.

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Accessories Are Your Ally

Accessories are a girl’s best friend for a reason. They help us showcase our unique style in a subtle but chic way – and they’re a lot cheaper than clothes! When you’re in doubt about what to wear, turn to accessories. They’re always flattering, always cute, and can transform an ordinary outfit into an OOTD in a snap. Whether it’s a statement necklace, a purse that inspires bag-envy from anyone who sees it, or just a simple belt that cinches you in at your slimmest point, accessories can always rescue you from that “I have nothing to wear!” panic (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us) because you’re a fashion badass that deserves to feel confident. It’s as simple as that.

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