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Who doesn’t dream of working from home? No traffic, overflowing coffee pot and pajamas all day long. As with anything, there’s always a hitch. How do you balance home-work life without getting behind?

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Get yourself together by organizing your day to maximize your productivity without falling behind is key. 

1) Time Block Your Day

Forget multitasking, it doesn’t work. But just because multitasking is a bust doesn’t mean you’re without options! Time blocking your day in 30-60-minute increments is your new recipe for success. Plan your day to help focus your efforts for higher levels of productivity. You’ll want to schedule everything: checking emails, social media time (if necessary), work, phone calls (work or personal), cooking, breaks and cleaning the office and home. 

Prioritizing your day right: Use your peak hours for work (e.g., 7-9am) then take a half hour break before you tackle the dishes!

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2) Dedicated Workspace

Work and home life are two separate hats that are united by one common denominator – you. Sure, you are home, but you’ll need a space in which to conduct your business. This doesn’t have to be an office – especially if you have young kids. All you need is a small nook for your laptop and accessories. Like the corner of your dining room table for watching the kids. Plus, if you’ve got moveable office space, you can pack it away easily, just be sure to have a dedicated bag to contain your workspace. 

If you’re fortunate enough to have a special space within your home – a room or a desk within the den – make certain you surround yourself with a clean, decluttered and inspiring area that has everything you need. Organized chaos is a myth, so bust it and keep your space tidy with office bookshelves, for less mental clutter. 

Your office space is where you work, make sure the rest of the family knows this too. And that they have their own dedicated areas for play, so never the two shall meet!

3) To-Do List

How else can you time block your day without a clear picture of what’s on your daily docket? It’s best to spend a couple of minutes before bed deciding what needs to be done – chores, kids, work, miscellaneous – so you can manage your time wisely!

4) Schedule Breaks

You’re a one-woman show, even so, you’ll still need your sanctioned breaks! There’s no award for slaving your day away at the expense of your sanity. So, take a break and have a coffee, color, read or stretch your legs before you get back to the daily grind.

5) Plan for Distractions

It’s inevitable, something will pop up when you’re working – a tearful kid, an unexpected phone call – so plan for it. Note the time of the distraction and use that half an hour in reserve for the work intrusion. Then get back to what you were doing. That means when you’re planning your day, always leave a half hour to spare.

Work from Home like a Pro

We all wish we could work from home but what you don’t take into account is how distracting it is! It’s almost like doubling your workload by heaping in chores as well! Make your life easier by organizing your days so you can achieve everything on your to-do list!