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You’ve made it to the end of the week and the weekend is right around the corner. But when you open your closet doors Friday morning, you’re faced with the same old sartorial dilemma: it’s casual Friday, what am I going to wear? While casual Friday’s purpose in life is to give you a reprieve from traditional office wear, its vague dressing guidelines can make you wonder what’s really appropriate.

Not sure? Overdress.

Casual has different meanings for everyone. When in doubt about how casual you can go, it’s a good rule of thumb to overdress rather than underdress.  While it’s tempting to be uber casual and comfortable, you’re still in a professional environment and should focus on making a good impression on your coworkers and managers. You want a look that still portrays a polished image while still having a little fun. In the warmer months, that means no shorts and definitely no flip-flops. Instead, choose a smart, but playful outfit, like Ice Design casual dresses and ankle strap sandals or wedges.

It’s time for jeans!

If your office allows, a must-have for casual Fridays is a great pair of jeans. A pair of dark wash jeans in a great cut can be dressed up or down and can make you the style star of the office. Pair them with a tailored jacket and a feminine top and you’re ready to go! Don’t forget to the leave the ripped denim at home though.

Top it off

Wondering what to wear on top? You can go for unique colors and patterns on casual Friday as long as you keep it professional. Skip on tank tops or camisoles (unless they are layering pieces) or anything low cut or sheer. Choose a graphic tee for a hint of fun under a traditionally professional piece like a structured blazer.

Rock your accessories

Adding a statement necklace or ring to your casual Friday outfit is a great way to inject your personality. This is the time to be bold with your necklace and add a pop of color. Don’t be afraid to mix your metals or layer multiple necklaces together. If you choose rings, find a coordinating set and add them to multiple fingers for a glam look. Or style your hair in a sleek pony and add a gorgeous pair of statement earrings.

One of the great things about casual Fridays it the opportunity to have fun with your wardrobe choices. Make this Friday’s outfit different from anything else you wear during the week to keep things interesting and show your unique sense of style.