Book Club Recap: You Can Negotiate Anything by Herb Cohen

Have you ever wanted to improve your negotiation skills? You are in LUCK! Watch the Dressing Room 8 Book Club August Meeting about Herb Cohen’s book “You Can Negotiate Anything” and you are on your way to mastering the way of negotiation. 

August 2020 Book Club Pick

Dressing Room 8 Book Club August Meeting (2020)

Top 8 Lessons from the Book

  1. Understand the different negotiation techniques 
  2. Know your audience 
  3. Adapt the conversation based on how you communicate with your opponent
  4. Gather the information you need before you speak with your opponent 
  5. Keep your emotions out of the equation but make your opponent emotionally invested  
  6. Deadlines are important and relevant to the negotiation process  
  7. There is power with credentials  
  8. Get your opponent to relate to you (likeability is very helpful)  

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