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Q&A with Jonquel Norwood: Body Positive Illustrator and Artist

Have you ever seen art that made you feel beautiful and special? That is what happened to me the first time I saw Jonquel Norwood's work. Born and raised in a small city outside of New...

Realize Your Beauty: An Organization You Need to Know!

Growing up can be so difficult! Children and young adults are constantly faced with feeling inadequate and insufficient. Personally, I remember many days wishing I could be someone else or be treated better. When...

Misty Belvidere is the Designer You Won’t Forget!

Misty Belvidere is an independent plus-size fashion label based in Melbourne, Australia. The passionate Miss Kate founded Misty Belvidere in Adelaide, SA and in March 2014 launched her first official plus-size collection "Mermadia" -...

Loving All of You with Qurvii

What do you love most about yourself? It took me a while to figure out the answer to that question because I always tended to focus on the negatives and what I didn't love about...