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body magic book coverAs a plus size woman, I always get a happy feeling when I see plus size and curvy women represented in media; whether it be in books, film or television. I haven’t come across many books with a plus size woman as the protagonist or main focus, so I was intrigued when I came across Body Magic: Tales From The Fabulous Sex Lives of Voluptuous & Plus Size Women.

Body Magic showcases tales of real women with curves, and provides a lens into their intimate feelings about love, sensuality, and sex as voluptuous women in contemporary America. Instead of focusing on “sizisms” women face in and out of the bedroom, Body Magic spotlights the joys and pleasures any woman can feel when she is sensuous, sexually conscious, and satisfied.

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I had a chat with Dawn Dawkins and Ayanna (A.M. Holliday) regarding their book, erotica, and embracing your sexuality.

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Natasha: What were some of the motivations for Body Magic?

D & A: Body Magic and the content of the book were inspired by real women with great sex lives. We also felt the need to explore the constrictions women face in their body image versus the sexual freedom they desire. It’s the crazy paradox of shape wear- Hold yourself in to get every part of you to fit in its right place as smooth as possible with the ultimate release of taking your undergarments off in intimate spaces to be free, loved, and accepted just as you are… As writers, both of us come from a background of poetry and script writing, yet we rarely see literature that is intellectually provocative or engaging to voluptuous women.  Female consumers of the plus size fashion market can now see a variety of two-dimensional versions of ourselves in media, but we are still overlooked when it comes to telling our stories in a tasteful or sensuous style. 

So that’s how the idea was sparked and Body Magic began as a theater piece developed during a Dramatist Guild Fellowship in 2011. But a bigger vision led us to expand to a more accessible audience through books and media. So here we are! 

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Ayanna (A.M. Holiday) (right), Dawn Dawkins (left)

Natasha: After reading some of your book it seemed clear that you want your women readers to embrace their sexuality. Is this true? If so, do you think women do not embrace their sexuality enough? 

D & A: We think sexuality can only be embraced to fully express it. Body Magic is about enjoying your God-given body and transcending any limitations put on it. That’s why we wrote a book devoted to “feel good” experiences for women instead of women dwelling on their shortcomings. There are so many ways to express your sexuality. It all depends on the woman. The interviews in our book are great examples.

Natasha: Do you think there is a lack of plus size women in erotica or sensual media? Why or why not? 

D & A: Oh yes! For centuries we have disregarded the goddess archetype and the spectrum of sensual female images it has to offer. We used to worship all shapes and designs of women, especially full and ample bodied femininity. Now there’s a stigma due to the powers that be, especially in the media/advertising and fashion industry.

Natasha: Can women be empowered through erotica or is it another form of objectification? Or a little bit of both?

D & A: Yes, they can be empowered. Erotica is just another form of storytelling. It all comes down to the perspective of the writer and whose fantasy is being fulfilled.

Natasha: What should people take away from Body Magic?

D & A: Satisfaction! We also want readers to receive a fresh outlook on the beauty, the variety, and the adventures of voluptuous women.

Natasha: What is coming next? 

D & A: So much! Developing a TV or web series based off the book with the art direction of some amazing plus size fashionistas! And while our book is dedicated to voluptuous women, “Body Magic” is for everyone. We have individual clients we consult with, and we are developing workshops for women to embrace their Body Magic. We also recently debuted our Youtube channel: Passion Lab Productions, which includes Body Magic tips and promotional media. Lastly, there is a follow-up project in the works for men who love voluptuous women. We have already interviewed over one hundred men.

Natasha: Where can everyone get Body Magic

D & A: Body Magic: Tales From The Fabulous Sex Lives of Voluptuous & Plus Size Women is available on Amazon in digital and paperback format.

Natasha: Do you have any parting words, advice, or suggestions?  

D & A: Whatever you are working with, Love it! Every-Body deserves pleasure, satisfaction and a good reaction! 

Make sure you order and get Body Magic and celebrate your own Body Magic!

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~ Natasha

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