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Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto | September Book Club Recap

"Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto" by Tricia Hersey is a powerful call to action for individuals and communities to prioritize rest and restorative practices in order to combat the pervasive effects of systemic oppression,...

Mommy Chronicles: 10 Reasons Why Loving Yourself is the Key to Success

Being a parent is an UNPREDICTABLE and incredible journey filled with love, joy, and MANY challenges. As parents, we often prioritize the needs of our children above our own needs. However, it is important...

Poems: Maya Angelou | June Book Club Recap

If you're a fan of Maya Angelou's work, then you know just how powerful and moving it is. Her words speak to us, and they can help us find our voices. She once said, "I've...

10 Reasons to Wake Up Excited about Life

You know that feeling when you're just starting your day, and you get a good night's sleep? It's like your mind is clear and open, and there are no obstacles to getting through the...

21 Ways to Make 2021 a Successful Year

We made it y'all! 2020 is behind us and we are blessed to start a whole new year! Personally, I am thrilled to see what 2021 has in store for me and my hubby....

How to Secure Your Home and Your Peace of Mind in 5 Simple Steps

Home and safety go hand in hand. If you don’t feel completely secure in your own house, then you’ll never see it as a peaceful oasis it’s supposed to be. Arranging everything to make...

Dear Journal: How to Change Your Stinking Thinking

Our lives are a reflection of what we think. If you go around with stinking thinking, what type of life will you have? Take the time to change your life TODAY! 

6 Life Lessons Learned from Sweeney Boo’s Body Positive Graphic Novel

I have been a fan of comic books and graphic novels since I was a kid. When I stumbled across Sweeney Boo's body positive graphic novel Eat, and Love Yourself on Hoopla, I was...