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6 Ways To Fall In Love with Valentine’s Day

Some people love Valentine's Day and some people don't really care for this day. Personally, I haven't always loved this day. As a kid, I found the day to be mostly annoying. As a...

10 Reasons Why You Are A Badass

Most people don't realize just how AMAZING they really are. Why do I say this?  Waking Up is a victory  Checking off items on your checklist is #Winning  Having a plan in the first...

How to be Your #1 Advocate

Who is your #1 advocate? If the answer isn't "I am" and 1) you're not a cult leader 2) you're not a celebrity heartthrob or 3) you don't have a publicist, then the next question...

Back to Basics with Moet Cristal!

Aloha everyone, my name is Moet Cristal! I’m a plus size model and visual artist living in NYC. I am so thrilled that I was selected in the Fashion Blogger for a Day sweepstakes with Dressing...

It’s My Birthday and I’ll Smile if I want to!

Today I turn 30, and I am feeling excited, joyous, and grateful for many great things in my life. In fact, I wanted to share 10 reasons why turning 30 truly rocks! Why 10? Because...

Have You Been Bullied At Work?

If you’re like me, you’ve been bullied in the workplace. If you’re unsure, here are some subtle ways that bullying can happen in a work environment: Someone makes an offensive or demeaning comment to...

#HereIAm: Join the Conversation!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJlvtCzJPaQ Self-love and confidence - two things that we all need, but not all women have. The #HereIAm Campaign by JCPenney is aimed at spreading the message that we each have plenty to love and be confident...

Meet Emma Medeiros, the Plus Size Fashion Industry’s Very Own Publicist!

Emma Medeiros is the President and founder of Medeiros Fashion Public Relations, the very FIRST PR firm catering to the plus size fashion industry!   Launched in 2015, Medeiros Fashion Public Relations subscribes wholeheartedly to Coco Chanel’s...