A lot of people find fashion intimidating because they may think that there is a “right” look and a “wrong” look.  I find fashion fascinating because there are unlimited looks that I can create.  At the end of the day, you have to feel good in what you wear and that can only happen if your style is true to you.

So, how do you come up with our own unique style?  Keep reading….

1) Research…Research…Research 

Step one: Open up all of those dresser drawers and closet doors and summon your inner child!   Take out every piece of clothing and accessory you own in life and be ready to explore.  This will probably take a few hours, so open a bottle of wine and load up Spotify!

Step Two: Before you can go forward you must assess the past. Ask yourself these questions: What have your fashion purchases been? What were good buys and what were some of your bad purchases? Is half your closet full of bright colors or are you living on the darker side of life?

Step Three: As for the accessories, your inventory assessment will be just as critical as it is for the clothes. Ask: What are the primary colors? What do you like and what don’t you like anymore? What are the gaps that need to be filled? Does anything match the clothing you own?  Are slap bracelets still trendy???

Step Four: After you have completed your personal research, the next step is take your research online and outdoors. Add some popular curvy bloggers to your daily reading list, join Pinterest, check out Plus Model Magazine, and go to fashion-oriented events. You will begin to learn what you like and what you don’t like; what styles and trends work for you and which don’t.

Trust me, once you have done all of this, you will find yourself more disciplined and strategic when you go shopping – you’ll also discover some new things about your previous shopping habits.


2) Pick Your Side of the Rainbow  

Colors have a lot of meaning in the context of fashion.  If you haven’t already thought about the importance of your color choices in your life, I recommend that you start thinking about the following questions:

  • How does the color interact with your eyes, hair color, and skin color?
  • How will the color look on you in a picture or on film?
  • Is the color seasonally appropriate?
  • Does the color give the impression you want it to?
  • How does the color mesh with your body type?

These are just some the considerations you should be asking yourself when choosing the colors you want to prioritize in your everyday wear!


3) Know Your Body from Top to Bottom 

Do you know your body type? There are a variety of different schools of thought on this, but I personally prefer the expansive discussion provided by Shop Your Shape. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much you’ll learn about yourself after reading this and discovering what your shape is. While body type analysis is NOT an exact science, it can help you narrow down the general shape of your body, which will make it that much more easy to choose clothing that fits your body.


4) Ask the Right Questions 

If you had a legal question, you would seek the help of an attorney. If you had a medical situation, you wouldn’t hesitate to visit a doctor or a specialist. So, if you had a fashion question why wouldn’t you also seek out help? Styling doesn’t come easy to everyone. And, that is OK! Put your fashion needs in the hands of others who are devoted to making you look and feel the best each and every day!  As a stylist, my job is to have an eye for what works and what doesn’t, as well as know which retailers offer which types of clothing options in plus sizes. If you don’t have the time, patience or interest in designing your own wardrobe or style, then you can reach out to me at Natasha@www.dressingroom8.com and I will do it for you!


5) Pick your Style 

How many different fashion styles do you identify with?  Personally, I’m usually toggling between 4-5  styles during any given month. It is important to identify any existing categories of styles that you like and compliment you!  If you’re more advanced, then you’ve probably created a style of your own – again, there are no true limits to fashion.

On the blog, I create looks in a wide range of styles that are trending and work for curvy women. This is my favorite part of the process so please comment below and let me know what styles make you who you are!


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6) Document Your Masterpiece

The last piece of the  puzzle is to document everything. When you bookmark a blog post, magazine page, or a picture of yourself you are making your future fashion choices that much easier!

Like everything else in life, fashion does require time and attention, and if none of this sounds interesting to you or you’re unwilling to put in the work, then you need a stylist and I look forward to hearing from you! But I’m assuming you have a mild interest in fashion if you are still reading at this point; in that case, have fun!  Fashion is not just about clothes, but about discovering who you are and who you wish to be to the world.


If you have additional thoughts or questions, please comment below or reach out to me directly at Natasha@www.dressingroom8.com!