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Personally, I think that belts are an underrated accessory that deserve more attention! Luckily for belts, I’m not the only one who thinks so. I recently had a chat with Sivan Soffer, the owner and founder of (KYPO), who tells me that his company is the FIRST and ONLY retailer that exclusively sells women’s belts! 

What’s unique about KYPO is that they offer belts from indie designershard-to-find micro-brands, artisan belt buckles, handmade belts and the option to design your own belt! Sivan and I both share the same passion for accessories, and the belief that accessories can be used to transform, enhance, or reinvent any look.

In fact, KYPO has helped thousands of women uncover their passion for belts and has provided invaluable advice to women on how to select the perfect design, width and color to match their style. 

Check out my interview with him below about his company and how to select a belt based on your body type. 

Natasha: What is the story behind the company name? 

Sivan: is a sexy play on words that I think is very catchy and memorable – I doubt anyone would forget that name after they hear it! Our mission is to help empower women through fashion by focusing on belts as the accessory that can help make an outfit stand out. Women have the power to transform themselves through fashion, and accessories are great tools to help them do so. What makes us unique is that we are the only retailer that exclusively sells women’s belts

Natasha: What are factors a woman should think about when buying a belt?

Sivan: #1 – Body Type, for example:

  • Hour Glass Figure – These women typically have a narrow waist so a belt at the waist line creates a great silhouette!  
  • Inverse Triangle – Belts higher up right under the bust area are good! 

#2 – How the belt can help you show off your personal style and character.  

#3 – Whether the belt matches other accessories that you own or are looking to purchase. 

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Natasha: What do you think is the biggest issue women have when shopping for belts?

Sivan: The biggest problem is not understanding your body type. There are specific things you should keep in mind if you have a more rectangular shape versus an inverted triangle or pear shape. That’s why I’m excited to announce that we will be showcasing instructional videos on our site soon! The videos will provide tips on how to use belts to achieve different types of looks (professional, casual, dressy etc). We will also feature a plus size model for each of the 5 body types that we will highlight in the videos as well! We hope to show that belts are versatile and can be worn in a number of ways!

Natasha: What types belts are a Must-Have for a woman? 

Sivan:  1) Stretch Belt, 2) Buckled Belt and 3) Skinny Belt. All three belts can worn by all different body types and these are three that I would recommend that every woman have in her closet.

Natasha: How much do your belts typically cost and where can we get them? 

Sivan: I like to keep them affordable. You can get belts from $10-$12 or $60 on our site!


plus size belt dressing room 8 plus size belt dressing room 8 plus size belt dressing room 8

Natasha: What’s next for

Sivan: We are looking to develop a very cool app for, and expanding our lines to have an exclusive line dedicated to plus size women – I’m very excited about that!

Natasha: What last minute thoughts or advice do you have to women? 

Sivan: Women belt’s are there to have fun with! They can are function-able and fashionable! And, they keep your pants on! Whether you are shy or you bold, you need to find the belt that speaks to you!  


Elmo’s Closet Belt


Silver Cord with Heart and Flowers Thin Women’s Chain Belt


Genuine Leather Braided Belt Rhinestone, Silver Tone Stud and Turquoise Accented Belt








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Speaking with Sivan has definitely kicked my love for belts up another notch! (I couldn’t resist). Be sure to check out KeepYourPantsOn next time you’re looking for a way to transform your current style as they have a truly impressive selection of really great belts.

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