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Qurvii (pronounced Curvy) is a brand dedicated to making plus size women look fabulous and chic 24/7! Not only are their garments chic and elegant, but extremely high-quality. I loved every one of their looks at Full Figured Fashion Week this year and feel like a better version of myself every time I wear a Qurvii dress

Did I mention they are a philanthropic company as well? Qurvii will donate 10% of its profits to organizations committed to meaningful work towards uplifting communities, such as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I recently met up with Neelima Babber, the woman behind Qurvii and we had a great conversation on the current state of plus size fashion in the US. Neelima has been in the fashion business for over 15 years working in France, India and the US. Besides having worked at companies including OTTO and Burlington, she has also been a visiting faculty member at FIT where she taught courses on sourcing and merchandising.

Natasha: Tell me a little bit about yourself, how did you get into fashion?  Why plus size market? Are you mainly into retail or wholesale?

Neelima: I have always loved fashion and shopping. I wasn’t seeing what I wanted for myself so I decided I was going to use my extensive fashion background to make the clothes I wasn’t seeing out there. 

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Natasha: Do you think there is there a lot of competition among retailers? Who do you see as your main competitor if any?

Neelima: There is still a lot of room int the curvy market. The more competition the better! 

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Natasha: Does it generally cost more to product a plus size garment compared to a straight size garment? How are you able to keep your prices so affordable? 

Neelima: It does cost more for plus size garments. You have to account for designs and silhouettes for all different women. We try to keep the prices as affordable as possible.

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Natasha: Are there certain types of fabrics, silhouettes, colors that are more helpful or flattering to a plus size woman?  

Neelima: I love colors and flowing fabrics and I am inspired by the women we make the clothing for. I am always thinking about how I can make her beautiful. And, I look at the best fabrics that accomplish that goal. 

Natasha: What tips do you have for plus size women trying to feel more comfortable in their skin?  

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Neelima: Women should celebrate their curves and who they are! Being healthy is very important but you should also be comfortable in your own skin and who you are! 

Natasha: What are common mistakes plus size women shoppers make?  

Neelima: Feeling like they need particular clothes or have a specific look. Plus Size women don’t need to look “different.” And, stop trying to cover up everything, that is a common mistake. 

Qurvii Dress

Natasha: Are there things you wish you knew more from plus size consumers?

Neelima: Yes, I always want to know feedback on dresses and changes our customers might want. We want to provide clothing that fits our customers needs. 

Natasha: Who is your targeted customer? How would you describe her? 

Neelima: She is a working woman in her twenties who is curvy and comfortable with her body and wants her clothing to look good. 

Natasha: What sizes do you offer?

Neelima: We sell sizes 1X – 4X. 1X fits sizes 14-16 and 4X fits sizes 26-28. 

Natasha: On your website, you say: At Qurvii we believe every woman is beautiful and fashion isn’t a size. It’s an attitude. To us, Plus Size is not an afterthought….Plus Size is all we offer. Ladies, welcome to QURVII where we encourage you to “Celebrate Your Curves”. How does your company celebrate a woman’s curves?  

Neelima: We celebrate women’s curves through our designs. When you get dressed, you should feel more confident by what you are wearing. Fashion should empower you. All women are special and should not be segregated. Plus size women should NOT feel left out! All women should be empowered! The fashion industry creates a bad image of one type of beauty. 

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Natasha: What causes is Qurvii involved in?

Neelima: We are very passionate about giving back! We give a minimum of 10% of profits to organizations dedicated to uplifting communities; we are giving 5% of profits to Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Natasha: What should we expect from Qurvii next?

Neelima: We are working on a junior plus size line and would like to develop active wear line too. Down the road, we would also like to include scarves and jewelry.  

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Stay Qurvii Fabulous!


~ Natasha