Shape Wear Guide for the Curvy Girl

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There’s nothing like comfortable shape wear that makes you feel and look sexy in whatever you slip into. But as we all know, it can be a bit difficult to find the right match.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces that have worked wonders for me depending on what I was trying to achieve.


Short Wonder Shaper Plus by Co’coon #4500

I like this one for lifting the bust and backside while minimizing the waist.  This one also does great minimizing back bulge while helping with posture.  Overall a very versatile choice!

Curvy 8 For You 

Sleek Curves Shaping Slip by Hooked Up 1072

This set will help you achieve that smooth figure-8 look and is comfortable and will stay in place all day! It also works with any bra and is a must-have to complement a hip-hugging dress or skirt.

Legs for Days 

Seamless Shaping Leggings

If you’re like me, then you’re a huge fan of leggings because of their versatility and comfort.  These are perfect for a casual look with a drapey top and sandals/boots or a more sexy look with a fierce pair of heels and blouse.  No matter what you wear with these, rest assured that your legs will look fabulous no matter what!

Vintage Cutie

Vintage Shaper Garter Skirt

Few things are sexier than this garter skirt shaper.  Take a trip back to the 50-60s and feel naughty wearing this to work under your favorite pencil skirt or dress.  Better yet, this is also a super sexy piece of lingerie to surprise that special someone with ; )

Sexy & Sleek 

Shaper Dress with Lace Hem

A simple no-frills shaper-dress that will absolutely get the job done.  I highly recommend this one to smooth out those curves when wearing a snug dress.  It’s even  sexy enough to wear on its own as a piece of silky and comfy lingerie.


Click on any of the following pieces to add them to your closet! And, if you have a favorite shapewear you always use, please let me know! Send a comment here or email me at!


– Natasha


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