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Color Me Pretty with Vera Moore Cosmetics

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When it comes to beauty, I tend to be very low maintenance. My normal regiment is to use a bronzer, eye shadow, mascara, lip balm, and lip gloss. 

At The Great American Hat Show, I was fortunate to spend time with the incredible Vera Moore, her daughter Consuella Helms-Jeune, and beauty team of Vera Moore Cosmetics. They helped me find beauty products that will revitalize my daily makeup game!

When I saw the Aqua eye shadow, I knew I had to have it!

I put it on effortlessly without that much eye shadow required. And the color instantly popped!

Could it get any better than this? I think not! This color will work for day and night looks for ALL seasons! I am BEYOND in love with this buy!

So how do you take off your makeup? Usually, I use a makeup remover cloth. After using Vera Moore’s Eyemakeup Remover, I was super excited to find a makeup remover that doesn’t sting or cause any discomfort.

Who doesn’t want that?

Just like that, the eye shadow is gone like I never put it on!

To top it off, I was completely blown away by the Vera Moore Fuchsia Lip Gloss.

Seeing the deep purple hues, I was super excited to put on my lip gloss. I didn’t know if this too would work for a day and night look.

Guess What? It totally works! This shade is both fierce and timelessly beautiful.

I give this lip gloss the kiss of approval!

Have I convinced you that you NEED Vera Moore Cosmetics in your life? 

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