This post is sponsored. Mixed Chicks provided the products in the post. My opinions are my own. 

Mixed ChicksWhy do I love Mixed Chicks? Because their products ACTUALLY work. I have a lot of curly thick hair, and not everything works in my favor when it comes to my beauty regiment. So, I thought I would show you how I use Mixed Chicks to make my hair truly shine!

Personally, before I even put any product in m hair, I shampoo and detangle and then apply deep conditioner; the whole process takes around 30 minutes.

Now on to the post-shower hair routine!

Braiding Time 

Natasha Nurse

I separate each section that I will braid, completely brush it, then start braiding.

Natasha Nurse

I loved using the Mixed Chicks Spring Bands to separate my hair without tangling or breaking my hair.

Natasha Nurse

I actually braid ALL of my hair every day. Yes, it typically takes about 2 hours but it’s completely worth it. By braiding my hair I retain the curls and hold in the moisture. When I am done with all the braiding, I used the Gloss and Shining Hair Silk to give my hair that extra shine. 

Natasha Nurse

The Next Day…

Natasha Nurse

I un-braid my hair to have the curls you normally see me strutting around with! However, when using Mixed Chicks, my hair consistently feels and smells healthier and less weighed down compared to other products I have tried. 

Natasha Nurse

Now that I have my curls out, it is time to use some Makeup 🙂

I am happy to report, that Mixed Chicks has another winner with their Quick Stick that is a dual foundation and bronzer stick. Why is it so great? They offer different shades that matches well with your skin without feeling too cakey or heavy on the skin.  

I am definitely a Mixed Chicks Kind of Girl. How about you?  

~ Natasha 

P.S. Mixed Chicks also has some really cool products for Guys! Check them out HERE!

Mixed Chicks for Him