Take A Journey With Me and Mixed Chicks, To Tame Natural Hair

This is a sponsored post. Mixed Chicks provided the products in the post. My opinion is all my own. 

Tons of hair has always been a part of my entire life. In fact, there was a time where I had all my hair shaved off and it grew back more vibrant and longer. I know I’m not alone in searching for ways to deal with all my hair. What is the #1 thing that matters if you are rocking natural hair?


Finding Mixed Chicks has been a life saver to me and my bountiful curls. They offer a good Mix of products for anyone who struggled with hair management. Guess what? They now have new items that will keep your hair looking even more fantastic.

First step was washing my hair with the Conditioning Cleansing Co-Wash. It made my hair feel incredibly CLEAN. Typically, I use a lot of grease to keep my curls moisturized day and night. After a couple of days of braiding and un-braiding my hair, I can really feel the extra weight in my hair. This Conditioning Cleansing Co-Wash did a fantastic job of rinsing out that excess grease; making my hair have more bounce and freedom to it. 

When it comes to hair, it is important to have options. Styling your hair in a variety of ways gives you a chance to feel different and shine. Sometimes, I want my hair to be pulled back for a more conservative look. Most times, I rock my curls as loud and big as possible 🙂 

Coil Kink & Curl Styling Cream | Slick Styling Tamer

After using the Coil Kink & Curl Styling Cream and the Slick Styling Tamer on my hair, I could see and feel the wondrous effect. My chocolate curls were given a new sense of volume and vibrancy. All I can say is I love…love…loved the feeling!

Styling Gel | Curl Sculptor | Daily Hair Dress

Utilizing the Styling Gel, Curl Sculptor, Daily Hair Dress and braiding technique to get my curls tamed and easy to manage for my regular hair styling. But, if I wanted to change up my look, I am confident that these styling products would do just the trick.

Whether you are rocking natural hair or you have chemically processed hair, what you use in your hair is important. These products will make the difference between having a great start to your day or fighting with yourself to create a style before ultimately settling on how a hat fits into your intended outfit. 

Be kind to yourself and follow 3 easy steps to loving your hair: 

  • Do your homework – What do you need for your hair? Everyone’s hair journey is different. You need to know your locks so you can properly take care of them. 
  • Get what you need – Do not compromise on what you need to care for your hair. Even if it costs a little bit more, you are ALWAYS worth it! 
  • Have fun – Even if you have a regular do, don’t be afraid to try new styles and experiment with your hair. Just like fashion, you can have quite a bit of fun styling from head to toe. 

~ Natasha

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  • curlswithattitude
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    Didn't even realize Mixed Chicks had all of these extra products! Thanks for this post!

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