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Working out has never come easily to me. Growing up, I mostly spent my time indoors reading a book or watching TV. Once I started my freshman year at Penn State University, I began to understand just how important it is to prioritize my health and fitness journey. 

Did working out become easier as I got older?

Absolutely Not! I had to learn and take in the following…

Life is too short not to go after your dreams.

The best things in our lives require the greatest amount of work. 

I am strong enough for any challenge or obstacle that I will face. 

Recently…I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism

This new development was both VERY scary and satisfying. Feeling tired and fatigued with a host of other symptoms without any explanation SUCKS. Now that I have a name to deal with what is going on in my body, I can create a plan to make me feel better. 

So…this Summer, I am Focused on…

#1 Intuitive Living 

The time of ignoring my body and what I need has come to an end. If I need a nap…I am taking a nap. Yes, I am eating every 2-3 hours instead of starving all day, because I am “too busy” AND…I am dedicated to listening and caring for my body EACH AND EVERY DAY. 

#2 Daily Best Practices 

In the past, I used to think fitness or health goals were “extra work.” This LIMITING mindset was a BIG PROBLEM. By waking up with a focus on my health and fitness goals BEFORE checking my email, updating social media, or taking on my long daily checklist, I ensure my needs are taken care of first and foremost. You are ALWAYS your #1 advocate AND you have to begin the day focused on your daily goals BEFORE taking on the needs of others. 

#3 Mental Fortitude 

No Pain = No Gain 

This is what they say, Right???? Do I like pain? No. Do I still need to workout? Yes!!! Your mindset is critical in life. It is much easier to accomplish your goal if you actually believe in yourself. For me to push forward to embrace daily exercise, I needed to:  

Embrace a Diverse Weekly Workout Regiment 


Use Affirmations For Every Workout Session


Utilize My Support System (Shout-out to My INCREDIBLE Husband)

#4 Endless Positivity 

I am a HUGE believer in DAILY POSITIVE Consumption. This positivity helps to keep me grounded on my goals, solidify my positive belief system, and motivate me to achieve my personal and professional goals. For me to achieve my personal, health, and fitness goals I have to surround myself with positive reminders every day of those goals. Don’t You Agree? 

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  • Jade Kolb
    Jul 09, 2018 Reply

    Absolutely! In finance, you are to pay yourself first, before you you pay any bills. We need to do this in every aspect of our lives. Self = first. And it can be done and it can be done without being selfish, just self aware!!

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