Head to Toe Style Guide When Traveling to Sydney

Traveling to Sydney might be a dream come true, but packing for it sure can be a pain. Sydney is a tourist’s paradise: anything you could ever feel like doing can be done there, all while enjoying stunning scenery and addictively charming accents. With everything from shopping to world-class cuisine, water sports to opera, you’ll have to really nail down your plan to make sure you pack strategically. Luckily, this style guide to traveling in Sydney will tell you everything you need to know to pack a suitcase even your mother would approve of. Read on for tried and true style tips and tricks!

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Dress Up

So many travelers bank on Sydney being a casual, underdressed city, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While the city definitely has that quintessential laid-back, Australian vibe, Sydney locals love to dress up. In fact, Sydney is quickly becoming one of the fashion capitals of the world. Throwing a tank top over your swimsuit and shorts to head to a restaurant simply won’t cut it here; you’ll feel out of place, underdressed, and might even get turned away at some of the more upscale locales. Think sundresses, dressy shorts, and wedges, skinny jeans, and heels—anything but your scruffy traveling clothes or sand-encrusted beachwear. 

One stop shop: Head to ParlourX in the city’s eastern Paddington district to peruse the latest sartorial styles from your favorite designers from Australia and around the world. 

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Don’t Forget Your Hat 

The Australian sun can be a killer, and you definitely don’t want to ruin your trip on the first day with a gnarly sunburn. Make sure you pack (and actually wear!) a hat that will protect your scalp and face from the strong rays. A wide-brimmed sun hat will give you maximum protection and look super cute while you’re wandering up and down the sunny streets of Sydney. Don’t forget your shades! 

Top pick: Look no further than Hat World in Sydney’s western sprawl for a spectacular selection of head paraphilia. 

Shoes Matter

There’s so much to do in Sydney; whether you want to beach it up, hike, bar hop, shop, or go sightseeing, you’re going to need a few different pairs of shoes. Ladies love to hit the town in style, so a pair of heels is definitely recommended for dinners and evenings out. If you’re thinking of hiking, an old pair of runners won’t do. Opt for high-top hiking boots that protect your ankles from Australian critters! For wandering around the city, nothing beats a cute pair of lightweight sandals. 

To get an idea of what the locals wear, check out Senso for stylish footwear that feels just as good as it looks.

Beachwear Is A Must

Many women dread the idea of slipping into a swimsuit, but you’re in Sydney Australia, sister! If you’re not on board with body love already, now’s the time to embrace your beautiful self. Pack a swimsuit you love: one that makes you feel amazing. Also, one that you can actually move while wearing. Skimpy swimwear has a time and place, but if you want to take advantage of the gorgeous sandy beaches and the endless water activities available to you without being on constant alert for a swimsuit malfunction, also pack active water wear like a water shirt, water shoes, and maybe even swim shorts. You’ll feel so much more comfortable three hours into surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, or snorkeling! 

Psst! The best swimsuits can be found close to the beach at Seafolly in Westfield Bondi Junction. 

You’ve got the tips, now go out there and enjoy your brilliant life in beautiful Sydney! 

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