How To Live It Up with Curvy Couture Bras

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Life is like underwear; change is good. – Unknown

I started wearing a bra in junior high school. Like many other girls, this wasn’t necessarily the most comfortable experience in my life. Going to get fitted for my bra elicited feelings of curiosity, excitement, and anxiousness all at once. 

Since then, my experience with bras has greatly improved! Now, I am on a mission to work with brands like Curvy Couture to find bras that are fashionable, supportive, and form fitting. 


Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Given my new health condition, I have to prioritize my health and fitness in a whole new way. Finding a great sports bra should never be hard because of your size. After trying the Zip Fit Underwire Sports Bra, I can say with complete certainty that Curvy Couture will give you a bra that you actually want to wear over and over again. Check out the Curvy Couture Sports Bras HERE


Have you ever wore a bra so comfortable you didn’t even know you had a bra on? The Cotton Luxe Unlined Wire-Free Bra is what you are looking for. I had so much fun wearing this bra, it was practically a party with me, myself, and I.  


Ladies, do you have a bra that makes you feel really sexy? The Crochet Lace Halter Bra is a masterpiece of a bra. Not only is it uniquely constructed with the halter top, but the material makes you feel comfortable, supported, and very sensual. I bet I really have your attention now 🙂 

4 Ways to Up Your Bra Game

  1. Get Fitted – Any bra will feel terrible if you are not wearing the right size. Get fitted to know your actual size 
  2. Buy for What You Need – Bras each have a different purpose. There is a difference between a T-Shirt Bra, Bralette, Strapless, or Sports Bra. Buy bras that will support your dynamic lifestyle 
  3. Try Something New – Life is too short to stick with what you know. When is the last time you tried a new bra style or a color? If it has been awhile. I challenge you to get something new TODAY
  4. Do Your Research – Do you know how bras can help with your confidence? Or how to find the perfect fit? Check out positive resources like the Curvy Couture Blog to get the info you need! 

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