The Seven Step Wardrobe Detox Guide For More Mindful Fashion

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We’re dangerously close to 2019, and with so many resolutions just waiting to happen, it’s not at all a bad idea to actually enter the New Year with certain things crossed off the extensive list. For example, decluttering your wardrobe and finding more ethical solutions to your existing pieces is an excellent way to “purge” your style just before the holidays!

Examine your current fashion choices

If you sneak a peek into your wardrobe, what do you see? A variety of haute couture pieces? Mostly second-hand items or those you’ve inherited from your siblings and parents? A mix of fancy and casual? Whatever it may be, your style choices reflect so much more than their primary purpose. They also say so much about you as a person, and they reflect your values to a great extent.

If you’re big on cruelty-free beauty, wouldn’t you like to choose brands and products that offer fair wages and healthy labor conditions to their workers? The same goes for your ethically-made and sustainable garments that are not merely stylish, but care for our lovely blue dot.

Take it all out

Now that you’ve had some time to think about what fashion means to you and how it represents you, move on to the decluttering phase. It might not be the happiest of all stages, but it’s necessary to truly detox your shelves!

Turn the one huge pile of style into several smaller bunches of what you consider must-haves, maybes, and the ones you should certainly give away or sell. Ask your spouse or your best friend who knows your style preferences for some second opinions if you can’t let go of certain garments.

Start from the basics

Now that you’re left with half of your wardrobe, it’s time to resupply those essentials. When you’re shopping for underwear, sleeping items, and your socks, consider buying from vendors who focus on quality and durability. For example, when you’re looking for women’s socks and undergarments, choose fabrics such as bamboo and cotton that are breathable, skin-friendly, and will last for a long time.

Also, focus on colors that are practical and that will fit your general style, since wearing black panties with white skirts isn’t the best possible option for a sophisticated look. Finally, size does matter when it comes to your underwear, so get rid of all bras that don’t fit – we’re all guilty for sticking with an uncomfortable bra for too long.

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Expand your horizons

In addition to donating a portion of your clothes, you can also use websites such as StyleForIt to pass on your loved wearables to other ladies in search for wardrobe updates. It’s a win-win, as you’ll be able to find a new home for some of the items you’re no longer in love with, and discover new (or used) ones that will fit your style perfectly.

Other than that, you can support your local economy and look for a tailor that can make unique pieces according to your specific desires. Not only will you help a local business develop, but you’ll enrich your style with things that truly resonate with your personality!

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Repurpose and reuse

Having a hard time saying goodbye to some of your older garments? Well, if they have emotional value and they’re still in good condition, you can repurpose them on your own, or with the help of your tailor. Whether your clothes are too big, small, or damaged, you can upcycle a wide array of garments as your own little DIY project!

From decoupage shoes, using lace to lengthen a dress, all the way to turning a scarf into a wrap skirt, there’s so much you can do with things you love if you’re not prepared to replace them with a new item on the list. In fact, upcycling and reusing is in the spirit of mindful fashion!

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Thrift stores as your go-to

In addition to online shopping, used clothes often find their home in thrift and second-hand stores. It’s a perfect shopping escapade for those who still love the adventure of shopping offline, and you can meet plenty of interesting people who can point you to the most sustainable brands and the most unique stores in your neighborhood.

Then again, you can blend the digital with the offline: stay informed on social media when there’s a swap organized in your vicinity, so that you can get ready in time.

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Stick to what you love

Finally, even if you cut your wardrobe in half, declutter perfectly, and find trusty vendors, you need to make sure that the new changes in your style are still in accordance with what makes you so unique and beautiful. Explore new cuts and colors, by all means, but always make sure to opt for things that you know will flatter your figure and that you know will have a purpose in your wardrobe.

What’s the point of getting a pair of transparent boots if you’re more into eco-suede, or getting a ball gown if you never ever attend events that require such a dress-code (and you secretly prefer simple maxi dresses instead)? The bottom line is, in addition to sticking to your values, make sure to use your fashion budget on items that will make you happy!

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