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Watches are a common gift for busy dads. Moms often receive watches as gifts, too, because who doesn’t love a great accessory? Rather than going out and grabbing the first Timex you see, it pays to familiarize yourself with the best watch brands for every style. If you rock more of a casual style, then a watch brand that stands out without being too flashy will be a great fit. If you love a little luxury, then you might need to start saving up for a high-end watch. No matter your style, there’s a watch brand and design that will match your dream outfit and help keep you on track no matter where your busy day takes you!

Hoop it up with statement-making styles

Rolex: Instantly Recognizable Luxury

Among the most well-known, widely-recognized watch brands are Rolex watches. Many watch-lover dreams of owning a Rolex. New Rolex models are prohibitively expensive for most people considering that you can buy a house—or two—for the same price. Fortunately, the secondhand Rolex market is booming. A Rolex is a once-in-a-lifetime gift, but vintage timepieces offer a more practical way to get your hands on one. Then again, you deserve a Rolex for a milestone celebration, such as a 25th wedding anniversary, 50th birthday, or retirement. Do your research to find the best luxury piece for you!

Casio: Affordable but Not Cheap

The Casio brand is made for active people who need to keep an eye on the time but don’t want to spend a fortune to do so. What’s fantastic about this brand is that you can snag a timepiece for as little as $10, or you can opt for something a bit more expensive and low-end luxe. Plus, Casio has a watch type for basically any occasion. For people who need a polished piece of functional jewelry, Casio has a watch for that. Need a piece that is water-resistant and can withstand your active lifestyle? They have a design for that too! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options, take a look at their G-Shock line. Odds are you’ll find exactly what you need!

Bradford Watches

Autodromo: For the Retro Dad

If you have a thing for industrial design or sleek cars, Autodromo is great. Granted, they only have five designs and styles from which to choose, but they pack such a punch that even those with picky taste have trouble resisting them. While the brand’s automotive bent makes them ideal for people with similar likes, you don’t have to be a speed demon or a driving enthusiast to love the Autodrome brand. Its aesthetic is the stand-out, hands down. The brand’s watches boast a sharp, polished appearance with an unmistakable dash of 1970s flavor.

Omega: Out-of-This-World Watches

For the most part, Omega and Rolex are on the same level. Back in the day, they were big rivals. You might say that Rolex won the war in terms of becoming a worldwide brand, but here’s the thing: Omega took it to space. If you’re someone who wants to wear the same watch as the astronauts, then Omega is your luxury brand. Specifically, check out Omega’s Moonwatch, design: it’s the very same watch that served as the official timepiece for the Apollo program! In addition to this unique piece, they have a wide range of other watches that are definitely worth splurging on.

Seiko: Value for Money

Due to the far-ranging variety of their product line, Seiko is a favorite among parents, period. You can find more casual styles and those for fancier occasions at every price point, whether money is no object or you’re down to counting pennies. The secret behind its appeal is that no matter how much you spend on a Seiko watch, you get a quality timepiece. The money isn’t the point; the craftsmanship is. Seiko abides by a philosophy that believes everyone deserves a functional watch that looks good and works well. It’s worth mentioning that the brand has also been instrumental in the evolution and overall study of horology, the science behind timekeeping.

University of Alabama Watches

Shinola: An Inspiring Story

Not only do Shinola watches appear high luxe in spite of being an indie brand, but their story is the stuff of American dreams. It’s the epitome of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and making your own success in the world. Specifically, Shinola as a brand began in Detroit where automotive workers who were laid off or lost their jobs decided to turn their skills toward a new endeavor. They set their sights on bikes and their associated leather goods — the decision to include watches in their line-up evolved organically from that point. If you’re a fan of an underdog story and a supporter of watches made in the USA (minus the Swiss bits, of course), then Shinola has a watch for you!

Breitling: High-Level but Sporty

Breitling isn’t quite on par with Rolex and Omega, but that’s because the brand is a more recent entry into the watch-making world. Once known as the go-to watch for pilots, it now has an astounding line of dive watches, as well. Consider Breitling a next-level sports watch. The price gets steep, but it’s within the realm for most people looking for a budget-friendly watch. The best part? Your Breitling watch allows you to dress to impress and stay on schedule, so you don’t have to worry about compromising your active lifestyle.

Citizen: The Power of the Sun

We have to include Citizen watches. Not only are they affordable, but the brand is an alternative, not to mention eco-friendly. Those who care about the environment will love the brand’s Eco-Drive watch movements, found in all of their timepieces. The movement is solar powered which increases the shelf-life of the watch exponentially. You get excellent value and, for what your watch lacks in luxe appeal, it makes up for in cleverness and environmental impact.

Invicta Best Sellers

From antique pieces at thrift stores to the smartphone watch movement, there’s a lot to discover. And this is just the beginning–there’s everything from vintage to new replaceable watch bands, collector displays, repair and cleaning kits and more. So whether you’re looking for a new collecting hobby or just seeking to expand your knowledge about watches, be sure to keep an eye out for these next time you’re shopping.

What’s your go-to watch brand? Let us know how you choose a quality timepiece!

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