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Did you know that the masters of behavioral psychology can tell a lot about you by your clothing alone? There’s no doubt that the kind of person we are reflects on our style. In fact, that’s what forms our personal style in the first place.

But this works the other way around as well.

This means that you can change yourself by changing your style. At least, this can be a big step down that road. The effect of these changes can be profound and can extend to your mental health as well. This means that a salon visit or a shopping trip (or both!) can and will help you become a stronger, healthier, and happier person. At least, they will allow you to look like one. And once you start perceiving yourself this way, the rest of the lifestyle change will be much easier to accomplish.

After all, you are looking at the better version of yourself every time you are looking into the mirror. All you need now is to keep being that person.

How to Level Up with a Makeover

Now that we’ve established that changing your looks changes your perception of self, we just need to pick what is it that you want to accomplish with that change. This will define what kind of style changes you should make. Also, this will help you move from that annoying spot of “I want to change but don’t know how to start”.

This is how you start.

Color should be the first change, and it’s not only because the color psychology is so powerful. It’s because this is the easiest change to make and the one that will bear the most immediate results.

So, color. Change your clothing first, to give yourself a boost of confidence. Wear red, the most powerful and passionate of colors when you need to feel confident enough to take on the world. Or wear sky-blue when you need to project calm and remind yourself to stay positive. Navy blue is the color to wear for an important meeting as it’s soothing without being perceived as a challenge, as red would no doubt be.

However, wearing colorful clothing isn’t enough sometimes. And today there’s an easy solution to that as you can use the grand palette of semi-permanent hair colors. They will change your looks and give you a boost of self-confidence and positivity. And the most important thing is that they won’t last too long, so you can change this style whenever you feel the need to. Or, if you’ve found your perfect look, you can use a permanent color next time you go to a salon.

But, the rule of thumb for drastic style changes is to make them one piece at a time.

The desire to change can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to a hair makeover. It’s so easy to have your stylist go wild and leave the salon feeling like a new person. Hair has a huge impact on our psyche and perception of self, so it’s a powerful tool for change.

However, what’s to say you won’t regret your new green pixie cut once you came down from the high of emotions you were in when you ran to your ASAP salon session?

It’s not so bad if the problem is the color as it can wash off easily enough, especially with specialized solutions. But you won’t be able to glue your long locks back on. And while the art of making wigs has progressed far, it’s still not a good option unless you are desperate.

Don’t be desperate, use semi-permanent hair colors, visualization apps, and clothing to give your style change a “test drive”. Try wearing your new look for a few weeks before making any permanent commitments. You will, no doubt, make a few dozen changes as you grow more comfortable in it.

Also, don’t forget that we change constantly under the influence of our experiences. This means that it’s normal for your style to change too. So, if one day you wake up wishing for a formal suit to replace your hoodies and sweats of yesterday, it’s completely normal. And it’s a good call to go on a shopping spree that will give you the tools to see if the ultra-professional persona is right for you at this time in life.