Does Your Business Need “The Fix”?

As a business owner, it can be extremely frustrating to create an offer that doesn’t resonate with your customers. Giving up isn’t an option! Speaking with business coaches like Carolyn Herfurth is KEY! 

Meet Carolyn Herfurth

When accomplished business owners wonder, “how do I fix this? what else? what’s next?” — they call Carolyn Herfurth.

Having played a hand in hundreds of business inventions and re/inventions (from itty bitty to WHOA!), she’s discovered that the biggest opportunities hide between our brilliance, blind spots, and broad daylight.

Carolyn sees the possibilities for each individual without imposing a pre-packaged, universal “this is how all service-based businesses should do it” solution. 

As a strategic thought partner, she respects that every business owner comes with her own vision, assets, and experiences. This is why each client gets her own custom strategy using The Fix as a rapid-fire, targeted framework for infusing fresh insight, cash, and energy into her business. 

She’s known for her out-of-the-box ideas and sees possibilities her clients have become blind to. Allowing her clients to enjoy more profit, more quickly — instead of feeling like they’ve lost their chance, lost their touch, or lost their lust for business. 

Does Your Business Need "The Fix"?

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What Inspired You to Create "The Fix"?

I hosted 9 retreats over the past few years that focus on overall business model design. It was a really popular workshop. But as my audience’s businesses matured, more and more women were asking, “I thought I created a no brainer offer, so why isn’t it selling?” 

Even though they may eventually figure it out for themselves, they’re impatient because they know time is money. And because I do this work every day with my private clients, I knew I had the solution for them by creating The Fix.

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Why Should You Register for "The Fix"?

You’ll pinpoint why your offer isn’t performing and reveal the trapped value —  clearing the way for your best clients to buy. 

We do this by looking at your offer through the lens of the 5 pillars of business for your offer, so no angle is overlooked:

  • Business Model
  • Thought Leadership
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Mindset & Priority Optimization

And because it’s a small group, you get ideas and inspiration simply by being in the room (a virtual room, more specifically) with other smart, successful women who are all in ideation mode.

What are Key Signs Your Business Needs "The Fix"?

Great question! Maybe you added a new revenue stream, but you’re puzzled by the lack of sales volume and can’t put your finger on what’s off. 

Or a once-popular offer has lost its luster. Even in a pandemic, it’s still a kickass solution, but client demand has slipped.  

Or perhaps you’d like to introduce a new product, but question whether your offer is ready for primetime. You want to make sure it’ll generate the cash flow to make it worth your while.

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