Fashion Brands That Celebrates All Body Types

Real women are a variety of different shapes and sizes. The cookie-cutter straight sizes of small to large don’t always cut it for a huge portion of American women. We need sizes that cater to different heights, body shapes, and bust sizes. Naturally, when women cannot find something stylish to wear for their individual size and shape, it makes them feel outcast. Luckily, there are now many body-positive fashion brands that said goodbye to photo touch-ups and model airbrushing and now opted for offering sizes of clothes that cater to all body types. Here are a few we fell in love with. 


ModCloth is an indie brand that draws inspiration from vintage and feminine styles. In 2014, they were the first to sign the Heroes Pledge for Advertisers, which promises that they won’t change the size, proportion, color, or physical features of models in post-production. Through their brand values, their mission is to empower and uplift women everywhere. ModCloth is independently owned and features flattering styles for skinny to curvy figures. Their non-photoshopping policy and use of regular and plus size models make them a brand to admire. 


Rebdolls ships to over 95 countries and offers sizes from 0 to 32. In 2015, they launched their #SEXYFORALL campaign to bring awareness to body diversity around the world. Their fashions are on-point and they even have a great sale section. The creator of this body-positive brand was raised in NYC and was a plus-size model for big-name brands. She saw their plus-size fashions as less stylish, and so she created Rebdolls to be more inclusive in offering chic and trendy apparel for everyone. 

Artisan Made Flats

Charming You Boutique

Online boutique clothing can get pricey and often only caters to straight sizes. Charming You Boutique is an online shop that designs and manufactures its own clothing collections. They’re based in Los Angeles and that’s where they pull a lot of the inspiration for their fashion designs. They offer both regular and plus-size clothing, and all of their apparel is photographed with regular and plus-size models. Charming You Boutique focuses on constantly bringing in new apparel options for both their straight and curvy customers. They use quality materials and durable manufacturing processes at affordable prices.  

Old Navy

Old Navy has been around for years and everyone is familiar with them. If you’ve never shopped their jeans or tops, you’ve got to give them a try. Their jeans range from petite to tall and offer styles for different shapes from skinny to curvy. When you shop Old Navy jeans online, you can also choose to view the skinny or curvy models. Their women’s plus section includes a wide range of offerings from tops and bottoms, to dresses, coats, swimwear, pajamas, and more. 

Swimsuits for All

Shopping for swimsuits at Big Box retailers or department stores can be an extremely disappointing and disheartening experience. Those stores often carry two types of swimsuits – string bikinis and plain one-pieces. If you’ve had enough of trying on every swimsuit they carry just to put them back on the rack, give Swimsuits for All a shot. Aside from a wide selection of plus sizes, you can also shop by your body shape. They suggest the swimwear that is best suited for ladies in hourglass, pear, apple, heart, and athletic shapes. They also carry maternity friendly suits, swim dresses, cover-ups, tummy control and underwire suits, and sizes that range from 4 to 34.


ASOS is pretty well known, but if you’re not familiar with them, ASOS is a British fashion company that offers more than 30 sizes of apparel in trendy European styles. They’ve partnered with GLAAD, a huge voice in LGBTQ activism, to bring their customers a gender-neutral line of clothing. They use models that represent real people, and they don’t reshape or remove stretch marks in their photography.

Lulu Dharma Shop Now (1042x1042) V3

Brands that promote body positivity are making waves and turning the fashion world upside down. These are the kinds of companies that show real people as they naturally are in their advertisements. Real people of all shapes and sizes. It’s time to love ourselves as we are and not feel the need to conform to unachievable beauty standards. Find your style of flattering clothes in these trendy online shops.

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