5 Wedding Theme Ideas to Match Your Personality

Family traditions often determine the outcome of most couples’ wedding plans, but in recent years, brides and grooms are focusing on creating new and exciting traditions. With the pandemic in the mix, many have substituted their grandiose wedding plans for something more intimate in order to go through with the plan instead of canceling.

Then we have couples eloping to an exotic destination like the Whitsundays, as well as those who take their entire wedding party and organize a destination wedding. Most of all, couples now want to personalize their weddings to match their values and personalities, to celebrate what makes them unique.

Whether you’d like to spice up your plans with some ideas loved by Australian couples, or you’re still searching for the best expression of your personality, here are a few wedding theme ideas that could help you organize the day of your dreams.

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Vintage for a Timeless Feel

Different eras will create a different look and feel for your wedding, but the past is certainly filled with timeless trends that can be perfect for your wedding. It’s not just about having the perfect excuse to wear those authentic vintage wedding shoes, but a chance to choose a setting and a theme that will make you feel like time has stopped just for the occasion.

How about a glamorous, Gatsby wedding that will bring out your inner diva? A jazz band, a glitzy dress, and amazing cocktails all around, and you’ll travel back in time. Then again, retro can mean so many things, that you can easily adapt the theme to your liking without abandoning some of that old-timey charm.

Exotic Destination Weddings

If you’re a wanderer in love with travel and you’re eager to see the world, then commemorating this special occasion abroad makes all the more sense, provided that the regulations allow for such a shindig. Australia has become a favorite destination for elegant and beautiful weddings, where you can combine a beach ceremony with an indoor or garden wedding party afterward, and a view to die for.

For a sophisticated, classy wedding, couples often look for Sydney wedding venues that embody the city’s modern charm while at the same time creating an unforgettable, elegant setting. Delicious food, top-notch music, and your modern destination wedding can easily turn into a honeymoon the very next day.

Inspired by the Outdoors

If you and your spouse-to-be are nature-lovers, but your guests aren’t too eager to spend the day camping, there are ways to combine your love for greenery and create a comfortable, rustic wedding. You’ll find wineries in California that are spot-on for a nature-inspired wedding, where you can celebrate under the stars, enjoy superb vintages, and be far away from the hustle of all things urban.

You can also go for a country look and feel and celebrate the day on a vast estate with horses and wildflowers everywhere. As long as you get the right protection from mosquitoes, you’ll be able to enjoy every minute of your special day without ever going inside.

Intimate and Minimal

Small weddings might have become a thing of necessity for many, but so many couples have realized that this type of wedding is the best of all worlds: it helps you bring your closest friends and relatives together, dedicate ample time to every guest, enjoy your favorite music, and avoid spending a fortune on the whole shebang.

Intimacy allows you to choose a local band, find a caterer with playful menus – brunch and breakfast foods are becoming loved among contemporary couples going small. Serving delicious waffles, pancakes, muffins, and cake-pops will give the event that intimate, family feel.

Beach Galore

Another outdoor option with the possibility to move inside if the venue permits, and ideal for everyone with that boho spirit. Dreamy and sublime, a beach wedding should be reserved for smaller ceremonies, with low-key music and airy, lightweight dress codes. Look for beaches in Jamaica and the Bahamas where you can take your family and friends, enjoy the local vibes, and turn your wedding into a fairytale.

Many couples who have met on vacation will do their best to organize their wedding precisely on the beach of their encounter. Even if that’s not possible due to the situation, you can revive that feeling whichever coast you pick. Most zen, “go with the flow” people love celebrating their most important events in precisely this way – close to the ocean and with few, carefully chosen people.

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Choosing the right theme that epitomizes your personality and brings your relationship to life will make it much easier for you to pick the right dress, the ideal groom’s outfit, and all the other details that will define your special day. Use these ideas as inspiration to plan a wedding that will be in line with who you are and what you stand for, and you’ll have the most authentic ceremony to commemorate your union.

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