Simple Tips for Attaining that Desirable Casual Chic Look

Whenever we look at pictures of our favorite celebrities and fashion bloggers, they always seem so chic and fashionable, even when it comes to those simple street style outfits, making us wish we could pull off such casual-chic looks as well. And while we might not have a team of experts behind us, creating easy and comfortable outfits that still look incredibly stylish is much easier than it might seem at first. To that end, here are some simple tips that will help you attain that casual chic look without much effort:

Master the art of layering

Any fashionista will tell you that the secret to looking effortlessly chic every day is layering. There’s something about a long coat or jacket that makes it look incredibly fashionable no matter what you wear under it. Whether it’s jeans and sneakers or black trousers and ankle boots, you will inevitably look stylish when you throw a simple jacket on top.

A blanket or oversized scarf can create a similar effect, turning any casual outfit into a more intentional and put-together look. From shirts and cardigans to vests and trench coats, there are a number of different layering options you can also play with in order to construct easy, comfortable, and practical chic outfits.

Try an athleisure look

Across Europe and America, athleisure outfits have become one of the most popular looks and can be a brilliant way to experiment with different casual chic styles. By combining casual clothing with sportswear, athleisure offers comfort and practicality, while still being entirely fashionable and a wonderful choice for that effortlessly cool street style.

To master athleisure, don’t be afraid to mix sportier pieces with your regular, everyday clothing in order to create balanced and chic looks. Whether that means pairing a cropped sweatshirt with high-waisted jeans, wearing a sports bra under a leather jacket, or even combining leggings with a classic coat, athleisure outfits are bound to make you look more stylish and put-together, even on your most casual days.

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Focus on beautiful dresses

In Australia, on the other hand, the most fashionable women believe in more classic styles, choosing practical and versatile clothing options that could be worn to a number of different occasions. However, items that look sleek, stylish, and professional are still a priority.

For this reason, they often choose women’s dresses from Australia that are simple and neutral enough to be worn anywhere from brunches and casual outings to professional settings, while offering beautiful cuts and stunning shapes that could work even for more formal events. If you want to create such a handy and adaptable personal outfit as well, you can never go wrong with a timeless dress that can effortlessly be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


Invest in basic sneakers

Basic white sneakers have become an absolute must-have when it comes to the casual-chic style, and for a great reason. Whether you pair them with simple jeans and t-shirts, elegant skirts and dresses, or even sleek professional suits, they perfectly complement any outfit, making it more simple and toned-down, while still feeling fashionable.

But although white sneakers might be a staple, they’re not the right choice for everyone. If you want to complete your casual chic outfits with the right footwear, loafers and mules can be great alternatives. These shoes look simple and elegant enough to elevate any casual outfit, while also providing the comfort and convenience of your favorite pair of slippers.

Don’t forget to accessorize

When attempting to elevate your casual looks, it’s important to remember that even the simplest of outfits can instantly look chic with the right accessories. For instance, a classic jeans and t-shirt combo looks much better when adorned with a leather belt and oversized sunglasses, while a cute silk scarf can effortlessly upgrade a casual dress.

Similarly, a plain, monochromatic outfit looks more stylish when paired with a bright, eye-catching handbag, and an elegant hat or hair accessory can make any simple look feel like Parisian chic. No matter what you choose to wear, investing in good accessories is clearly key for attaining that casual chic look.

While a casual chic look might often seem difficult to attain, creating simple yet stylish outfits is easier than it appears. As long as you follow the helpful tips mentioned above, your everyday looks can instantly turn into more sleek and fashionable ensembles.


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