What Your Jewelry Style Says About Your Personality

The same as our choice of clothes and hairstyle, the jewelry we wear also says quite a lot about who we are as a person. A bold, statement necklace or a little, dainty ring you have been wearing every day for since you can remember tells your story in a direct and discreet way. So, no matter whether you first decide what kind of jewelry you will wear for the day and then pick out the rest of your outfit, or the other way around, the truth is that there is so much more to the choice of accessories than the basic color coordination or keeping up with the latest trends.

Thus, if you are interested in finding out what your preferred jewelry style says about you, keep on reading.

Classic and professional

You are most likely a powerful businesswoman who knows her strengths but also adores fashion and elegance. Silver, gold, and pearls are amongst your favorites and you certainly won’t leave the house without at least a pair of irrepressible pearl stud earrings. You are responsible and organized, and you know that the fact that your silver necklace and bracelet are coordinated with your timeless, stainless steel watch says that you are the ultimate professional.

The same applies to neatly combining a gold ring with a gold bracelet smartwatch, and a pair of luxurious gold cufflinks. Even though your choice of accessories may seem a bit boring, you know where the true values lie and that a classic is always in fashion. Moreover, you rarely opt for a striking piece of jewelry, as you want to impress your colleagues and partners with your knowledge and business skills.

Thoughtful and artsy

You care about other people, and you care about what you wear. However, your choice of fashion and accessories is not purely of aesthetic nature and has a deeper meaning behind it. You have a great passion for all sorts of art and you enjoy nature. Rather than going for the hottest trend, you will choose a gorgeous piece of unique sustainable jewelry that tells the story of the people who made it while staying environmentally friendly. You like that the pendant that you combined with your shirt and blazer for work or dinner was made of a reused material.

Even more, for you, the process of how an amazing piece was made is extremely important, thus, you will always support a local artist or a brand that empowers women. The one-of-a-kind story of your jewelry and its equally rare beauty is what says that you are someone who appreciates qualities that may be overlooked by the majority.

Bold and outgoing

You are truly the life of the party. You are not afraid of being noticed, being different, and you are definitely not shying away from laughing and loving. You have a big heart and you genuinely love life. You easily find inspiration in every little corner of the world around you.

Big hoops, colorful and chunky necklaces, and huge, over-the-top rings are your everyday choice. You are confident enough to wear a statement necklace combined with your tan suit when you head out for work. You know that a pop of color that is matched with your outgoing and cheerful personality will brighten the day for every person you meet on your way.

Minimalistic and classy

You truly do have a “passion for fashion”, but you believe that the magic lies in the little details. You are not the one to experiment with striking earrings or neon-colored gems on huge, statement rings. The same as your personality, your favorite pieces of jewelry are discreet and extremely charming. Once you assemble your outfit of the day, you will most likely reach for a dainty necklace and a subtle gold or silver bracelet.

Being balanced and ahead of things is your key characteristic, the same as being quite a thoughtful and empathic person. You are confident enough to know that a high-quality silver watch and a pair of subtle diamond studs can make a greater impression than some bling. Moreover, you radiate an aura of calmness, which makes you an incredible and loyal friend.


To conclude, no matter which of these types you fit in, the most important thing is to know that there is not just one right type of jewelry you should wear and thus be an amazing person. Your choice of this kind of accessory probably says much more than you could have imagined but your unique story and personality are incredible and captivating just the way they are. Enjoy your jewels, always be who you truly are, and remember that our differences are what make us beautiful.

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  • Melissa
    Apr 06, 2022 Reply

    If I wear real or cosmetic.what does that say about me?

    • Natasha
      Oct 23, 2022 Reply

      It means you have great taste Melissa :)

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