Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

Are people born with a natural entrepreneurial spirit or is it something that has to be nurtured and developed? While the answer depends on the individual, if you look at the work habits of successful entrepreneurs from history you will notice some things they all have in common. They work hard, are constantly busy, and always learning. In this article, I’ll share six reasons why I believe entrepreneurs are made, not born.

1. Ready, willing, and able

Do you have a passion or a hobby that you enjoy doing so much that you’d be willing to turn that activity into a money-making business? Entrepreneurs create value in the market by identifying and fulfilling the needs they discover.

2. Focused on the solution not the problem

Do you love solving problems and figuring out how things work? Then, as an entrepreneur, you’ll get to do all of that every day – and figure out ways to solve your customer’s problems for them – AND every day is like a puzzle with multiple complex steps required to get to the end.

3. Always be closing (and learning)

Successful entrepreneurs have skills that they gain by learning and refining rather than inheriting them. Information is everything. Great entrepreneurs know how to get the information they need when they need it. 

4. Fearless and determined

Entrepreneurs are self-motivated. They have a clear vision. They plan ahead. They have a constant drive to excel and they take bold decisions in the face of uncertainty. 

5. Adaptability comes natural

Having a good sense of adaptability will help an entrepreneur be successful, especially when taking on challenges as they come along. They have a different passion for risk tolerance. With this mindset, they are able to learn the business through trial and error. 

6. Meaningful life lessons

Life experience can be as important to becoming an entrepreneur as formal education or work history. Entrepreneurship is a very practical concept. It’s not just about romanticizing the idea of running your own business. Entrepreneurs are made because of their constant need for growth and innovation. They have the ability to turn uncertainty to their advantage and live with incredible mental resilience.

Entrepreneurs are made not born. Everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur. Why? Because entrepreneurship can be taught. Entrepreneurs are innovative in their thinking, not dependent on other people for approval, and not carrying the baggage of ideas thrust upon them by others. 

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to become one? The time to get started is NOW! 

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