How To Deal with Disappointments & Put Them Behind You

No one is perfect, and everyone faces disappointment at some point or another. But how we deal with those disappointments determines whether or not they will have a lasting impact on our lives. Here’s how you can let go of setbacks and move forward with your head high.

#1: Accept that the situation is out of your control

You can’t control whether or not something happens the way you want it to—and no amount of wishing or hoping will change that fact. So instead of wasting energy on trying to make things happen exactly as you want them to, focus on accepting what is happening as it is. This doesn’t mean giving up; it means being realistic about what’s possible so you can find a solution that works for all parties involved.

#2: Don't dwell on it

A lot of times, when people feel like they’ve been let down or disappointed by someone or something, they can’t get their minds off of it. They keep thinking about what happened and how it made them feel—and that just makes things worse! Instead, give yourself a little time to process what happened (even if that means taking a few moments alone), and then move on.

#3: Look at the big picture

In the long run, what happened really isn’t that big of a deal—especially if you’re able to look past all the details of this particular situation and see how everything fits into your larger goals and dreams. It helps when you can see things from this perspective!

#4: Practice self-care

Sometimes in order to deal with disappointments effectively, we need to take care of ourselves first so that we’re not running on fumes when we try to move forward after being let down by someone else’s actions or words! Take time for yourself each day so that you feel more like the sting of the disappointment is behind you. 

#5: Get outside!

Spending time in nature has been shown to reduce stress levels while allowing us to reconnect with our bodies and minds in a way that helps us move forward from negative experiences more easily.

#6: Figure out what went right in spite of the disappointment—or even because of the disappointment!

Figure out what went right in spite of the disappointment. Sometimes things go wrong for a reason: maybe it made you realize something important about yourself or your goals or even someone else; maybe it opened up new opportunities that wouldn’t have happened had the disappointment not occurred. 

When you’re dealing with disappointment, it’s easy to let the sadness envelop you and make life feel like a dark, empty hole. DON’T DO IT! Disappointments are just part of life. Whether it’s a relationship, a career, or a friendship that goes south, we all experience them from time to time. And when they happen… YOU will be stronger because of it! 

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