Mommy Chronicles: Finding Peace on Mother’s Day

I’m not a big Mother’s Day person. Growing up my own mother wasn’t a big fan of holidays or celebrations. This attitude usually meant Mother’s Day wasn’t a big deal in my home. But this year? This year, I’m all about Mother’s Day. And it’s all because of my son.

Every day he looks at me like I’m the prettiest unicorn he has ever seen and I am equally in love and in awe with him. Because of our deep bond, I feel incredibly blessed to finally feel a sense of peace and joy on Mother’s Day. 

But maybe your relationship with your mom is complicated, or maybe this holiday has been challenging for you in the past. That’s okay. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the women leaders and influencers in your life that inspire you to keep going (no matter what). 

So, how can you make the most of the day?

  • Do something that you enjoy. If you’re a movie buff, then go to the movies. If you like music, then go see a band play live. Whatever it is, do it with your mom (or special woman in your life) and make sure she enjoys it too!
  • Go shopping together! It doesn’t matter if you buy anything or not, just having someone there who loves you while they look at clothes will make all the difference in the world. 
  • Spend time at home together. Take turns cooking dinner and watching TV shows together – especially if your mom (or special woman in your life) likes to watch shows like The Walking Dead or Come Dance With Me.
  • Do something outdoorsy together! Go hiking or biking; even just walking around in nature can be really soothing for both of you.
  • Call her up and tell her how much she means to you. Your mom (or that special woman in your life) would love to hear from you. This will be more meaningful than any gift you get her. 

I will make the most of this mother’s day and I hope you will as well 🙂 

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