Mommy Chronicles: Why I’m Putting Myself First

I’m putting myself first.

I don’t mean that in the way you’re probably thinking, though. I’m not talking about having a night out with my friends or buying myself a new pair of shoes or doing something for me for once—though those things are important too.

No, I’m talking about something else entirely. For me to be a better mom, wife, daughter, or friend, I have to prioritize my mental, physical, and spiritual needs. 

Putting yourself first isn’t selfish at all. It’s actually good for everyone involved!

Here’s why:

1) When you’re taking care of yourself, you’re better able to take care of others (especially your kids). You’ll have more energy, be more productive, and be able to get things done without getting stressed out or overwhelmed because you aren’t worried about yourself.

2) When you focus on your own needs and wants, it allows for more connection with the people around you because they know that your focus is on them instead of being in your own head all the time (which is exhausting). The connection will also help them feel less alone in their struggles as well!

3) It helps you not take things personally when someone else isn’t prioritizing your needs or feelings over their own—because when someone is putting themselves first? All bets are off!

So how do you start? By putting yourself first every day. Start by setting aside time every day—even if it’s just five minutes—to focus on yourself: meditate, read a book or magazine (or watch some cat videos), or take a nice long bath with candles lit all around the tub (I love those). Whatever works best for YOU!

You deserve this time—and I promise you’ll feel better after taking care of yourself over the needs of anyone else. 

Here are six ways that I’ve found helpful to prioritize myself: 

  1. Get up early every day (even on the weekends). This may sound counterintuitive: how can getting up earlier help me put myself first? But let me tell you: when I get up at 4 am I can get to the gym and accomplish a lot before KJ is up or I have to start work.  It’s not easy starting the day early, but I cherish that time for myself in the day. 
  2. Eat well-balanced meals. When you eat nutritious foods regularly throughout the day, you don’t find yourself starving at 2 PM, then bingeing on junk food later when everyone’s gone to bed. Eating healthy is also good for your kids—and it sets a good example! 
  3. Take breaks throughout the day. When you take breaks during the day, you can do something by yourself (like taking an extra long shower or going for a long walk). This time should be sacred and honored every day.  
  4. Write down what makes YOU happy (or your gratitude list) – whether it’s having tea outside on your porch or going on a hike with friends – and do it regularly! I love writing in my gratitude journal! Living with deep gratitude keeps you grounded and focused on what matters the most.  
  5. Take a nap whenever possible. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes in the morning or evening, taking a little break will help you feel more energized and less stressed throughout the day. Remember, naps are good for kids and adults!  
  6. Practice self-love. I know this sounds cheesy, but hear me out! When was the last time you told yourself how great you are? When was the last time you complimented yourself? If your answer is never or never lately… well then I think you know what’s next: self-love! Practice saying nice things about yourself whenever possible 🙂 

Parenting isn’t easy. I would say, it is VERY draining and tiring. 

It’s hard to find time for yourself when you have a baby who needs your love and attention every second of the day.  

But guess what? You deserve to take care of yourself first. Why? By prioritizing my needs first, I can truly be the mother, wife, and friend that I aspire to be each and every day!

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  • Roneisha
    Jan 24, 2023 Reply

    Parenting is hard but those look like some great stuff to get for my kids. Thanks for sharing.

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