How to Move Without Losing Your Mind

If you’re like most people, moving is something you do every once in a while. You pack up your things and head to a new place, and then everything settles down and you’re left with the task of unpacking all of your stuff into new places. But…how do you move with your sanity intact? 

Currently, my hubby and I are packing up our house for a new chapter in our life (stay tuned for more details…) and I wanted to share some really helpful tips to help you stay cool, calm, and collected with a current or potential upcoming move in your life.

1. Know your stuff

The first step to making sure your stuff doesn’t get lost or damaged during a move is knowing where it all is before you start packing it up. If you don’t know where each item belongs, then you’ll have no idea where to put it when it’s time to unpack at the other end. So take some time before packing up anything to go through your house and find out exactly what needs moving where.

2. Don't do it alone

If you’re planning to move, don’t do it alone! I recommend getting at least two people to help with the heavy lifting and carrying. You’ll want someone who knows how to pack effectively (so no squashing the couch cushions into a box), another person who can take care of organizing the boxes once they’ve been packed up, and a third person who can drive whatever vehicle or vehicles will be used for transport. 

Once you’ve got your crew together and have chosen where to go in terms of moving companies (I recommend choosing a professional highly-rated moving company), make sure all of their contact information is handy so that everyone knows what time they’ll need to be ready for work on moving day. Then pack up everything that isn’t going into storage or staying in its current location—you don’t want anything left behind!

3. Prioritize your mental health

Don’t forget about yourself during this process—you’re going through a lot right now! Set aside time every day where you can relax and decompress, whether that’s taking a bath or getting an hour or two to read a good book. Never sacrifice your mental health no matter how hectic life gets. 

4. Make sure you have enough boxes

The first step in packing is making sure you have enough boxes. You can contact your local Walmart or Five Below to get free boxes and save a ton of money. Also, you can research to identify local stores that have good deals on packing materials, or even go online if it’s not convenient for you to go out (or if there are no stores nearby). Remember, the more boxes you have, the less stress and work you will do in the end. 

5. Label everything!

Once you’ve got all your boxes, label them with a printed label or a marker so it’s easy for everyone involved to know what goes where. You don’t want to end up with random things in the wrong rooms—that makes unpacking very difficult! Label everything from clothes and books to kitchen appliances so that nothing gets lost or misplaced when unpacking at the other end of the trip!

6. Keep calm and carry on (just kidding)

Seriously though—try not to get too stressed out about moving! It’s okay if things don’t go perfectly on moving day; just remember that this is only temporary, and soon enough everything will feel like home again!

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, so it’s no surprise that many people dread it. My #1 tip is to focus on the fact that you are embarking on a new chapter in your life, no matter how stressful (or expensive), this is exciting and something to be excited about! 

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