Mommy Chronicles: My Secret Weapon Against Acne

I’ve got a secret weapon for you.

It’s not a new product, and it’s not some miracle cure that’s going to make your acne disappear overnight. It’s a sticker!

Yes, a sticker. For the last six months, I have used these acne stickers and I LOVE them! 

And I’ll tell you why this sticker is my secret weapon: because it’s fun and easy to wear while managing my busy day as a mom. I wear them around the house or even when I am running chores outside. Plus, my son gets excited everytime he see’s me wearing them.  

The way they work is pretty simple: You apply them over your blemishes or blackheads, and they pull out some of the gunk from inside your pores. The gunk is then trapped inside the sticker, so it doesn’t get spread around when you touch your skin or rub up against anything else (like your pillowcase). This helps keep bacteria from spreading to other parts of your face!

It’s important to note that these stickers aren’t going to cure acne completely—they will just help clean up the area around each spot so that it doesn’t look quite as inflamed anymore. But if you use them consistently over time, they can definitely help reduce breakouts overall!

If you have acne, you know how hard it is to find a product that works. You might have tried everything: creams and cleansers, masks and exfoliants, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide—you name it! But if you’re still struggling with breakouts, then you should give acne stickers a try! 

Have You Tried these Stickers?

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