Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon | May Book Club Recap

Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon is a book that encourages creatives to share their work with the world. The book is a follow-up to Kleon’s previous work, Steal Like an Artist, and provides practical advice on how to share your creative process and build an audience.

If you’re a creative struggling to gain an audience, Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon is a must-read book for YOU. In this book, Kleon provides practical advice about the creative process and what it takes to build a following. 

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Top 10 Quotes from the Book

  1. “the worst troll is the one that lives in your head.” 
  2. “Become a documentarian of what you do.” 
  3. “Your influences are all worth sharing because they clue people in to who you are and what you do—sometimes even more than your own work.” 
  4. “Everybody loves a good story, but good storytelling doesn’t come easy to everybody. It’s a skill that takes a lifetime to master. So study the great stories and then go find some of your own. Your stories will get better the more you tell them.” 
  5. “Don’t talk to people you don’t want to talk to, and don’t talk about stuff you don’t want to talk about.”  
  6. “The people who get what they’re after are very often the ones who just stick around long enough.” 
  7. “Social media sites are the perfect place to share daily updates. Don’t worry about being on every platform; pick and choose based on what you do and the people you’re trying to reach.” 
  8. “The world is changing at such a rapid rate that it’s turning us all into amateurs. Even for professionals, the best way to flourish is to retain an amateur’s spirit and embrace uncertainty and the unknown.” 
  9. “Make stuff you love and talk about stuff you love and you’ll attract people who love that kind of stuff. It’s that simple.” 
  10. “You have to remember that your work is something you do, not who you are.”

Source: goodreads

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