Who Stole My Sale?: 23 Ways to Close the Deal | January Book Club Recap

Who Stole My Sale? 23 Ways to Close the Deal is the perfect book for people who are looking for a way to improve their sales skills and make more money. 

The book is full of practical, actionable advice for those interested in mastering the art of sales, regardless of the applicable industry they work in. Additionally, the author (Todd Duncan) does a great job of explaining each strategy in an easy-to-understand way.

If you’re looking to learn how to sell better, this book is definitely worth checking out!

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How to Master the Art of Sales

After reading this excellent book, here are the key ways, I’ve identified to master the art of sales. Let’s discuss:  

1. Define Your Audience

The first step to mastering sales is to know exactly who you’re selling to. You need to understand their pain points, their interests, and what they’re looking for in a product or service. Knowing your audience will help you tailor your pitch so it resonates with them and makes them feel like you’ve heard them.

2. Do Your Research

If you don’t know anything about your customer, there’s no way you can effectively sell them on anything! Always do as much research as possible before engaging with a potential customer, whether that means reading their blog posts or talking with employees who have worked with them before. This will help you identify any gaps in their knowledge so that when you engage with them, they’ll already be familiar with what you’re offering—and therefore more likely to buy it!

3. Be Persistent

Don’t give up on a lead just because they seem uninterested at first glance! The best way to close the deal is to NEVER give up. Staying persistent and committed to closing the deal is the best way to master the art of sales. 

4. Be Knowledgeable 

If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t pretend as you do! Instead of bluffing through the conversation and hoping for the best, take some time beforehand to make sure you have all the information your customer needs at their fingertips so that they feel confident in their decision to buy from you.

5. Be Empathetic

If the customer has expressed any concerns with the way things are going at any point during the interaction, address them head-on without making them feel like they’ve wasted their time coming into your store or calling your office! This goes back to being trustworthy: if they feel like they’re getting honest answers from someone who cares about their problems as much as they do, they are more likely to buy what you are selling.

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  • thompcha
    Apr 01, 2023 Reply

    If someone is not interested in what you are selling, then they will probably not buy from you. Even if they do, it might not be in a positive way. I would say that persistence is just as important as knowledgeability when it comes to closing a deal. You need to be persistent but also know when to stop!

    • Natasha
      Apr 03, 2023 Reply

      Great point! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts :)

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