Fitness Motivation: Techniques to Stay Inspired and Consistent

Love exercise or not, we all have days when working out is the last thing we feel like doing. Maybe you’re tired. Maybe you’re having a busy week. The motivation just may not be there for you – and that’s normal! But if you’re heading on a fitness journey or want more consistency in your workout routine, you want to be able to get past those inevitable challenges. What’s the secret? Both intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) motivation. Continue reading to learn techniques to keep you inspired and consistent all year long.

Find Exercise and Activities You Enjoy

One of the biggest mistakes people make with exercise and fitness is choosing an activity they don’t like. The problem is, that you’re unlikely to continue to stick to it long-term if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing. Opting for something you do enjoy will keep you coming back for more. Love playing tennis in all types of weather? Grab your tennis outfits (even if it is still a little chilly outside) and head to the court to play. Love dancing? Join a dance class or find some dance workouts online. Explore different workouts to discover what brings you joy – and don’t forget to take your rest and recovery days! 

Create a Routine – and Stick to it

Consistency is key to motivation, so creating a fitness routine is helpful. Try to exercise around the same time each day, whether you are taking football gear to the field in the evening twice a week, practicing yoga before work, or taking a midday walk every day. This will help make exercise a healthy habit that becomes part of your daily or weekly routine.  

If you experience an unexpected disruption in your routine, don’t get discouraged or lose your motivation! One break day isn’t going to ruin your progress. You can always continue with your routine the next day.

Set Realistic Fitness Goals

Before and during your fitness journey, set goals for yourself. What do you hope to achieve? Set specific, realistic goals. For you, that may be increasing the amount of weight you lift or the number of miles you run. Goal setting is beneficial at every fitness level, having been linked to increased motivation, higher effort, and improved performance. Make sure your goals are attainable! Setting unrealistic goals for yourself can lead to frustration and decrease your motivation.

Turn On that Playlist

Lacking motivation? Don’t forget to cue up your favorite songs before your workout! While that may seem like an out-of-place fitness technique, it turns out that music is a powerful motivator. Working out with music has a significant influence; it can help you maintain a steady pace, distract you from pain and fatigue, boost your mood, increase endurance, and increase motivation. So, before your next workout, get your exercise heart rate up with your playlist and tap into the science of music!

Track Your Progress

Remind yourself of how far you’ve come by tracking your progress. It provides a tangible representation of just how much you’ve achieved by following a fitness routine. Keeping up with the number on the scale isn’t the only way to track your progress. You could take progress pictures, record your reps or workout time, record how you feel after your workout, or even track your stats with technologically-advanced fitness gadgets. Track your progress around once a month, which will give you enough time to see any discernible differences.

Exercise with a Friend or Group

If you struggle to find your motivation when working out solo, try doing it with a friend or joining a group class instead. Working out with others is great for staying accountable, increasing motivation, and making exercise more enjoyable. You’ll be much less likely to skip that workout if your friend is waiting for you before pickleball! In addition to a buddy workout, you could try joining an online support group, trying a fitness boot camp, or even joining a local sports team at a community center.

Challenge Yourself to Something New

Bored with your workouts? Experiencing a plateau? Mix it up! Motivation can begin to wane when you’re uninterested in the exercise you’re doing. Introduce variety into your workouts to prevent boredom and challenge your body. Try a new workout or new equipment, increase your intensity, or try a 30-day fitness challenge. It may be just what you need to reignite that motivation again.

Celebrate Progress Along the Way

Celebrate all of your fitness wins, big and small. It provides positive reinforcement, which is an effective way to encourage your brain to keep up with good behavior and maintain your motivation. That’s not to say that you should reward yourself after every workout. Instead, you can do so when you achieve one of your fitness goals, such as getting a new gym apparel after staying consistent with your fitness routine for a month.

Stay Motivated

Maintaining your inspiration and consistency with fitness isn’t always easy. It may take time, commitment, and perseverance, but it is possible. Remember that you don’t have to be perfect with your routine. Just set your goals, cue up your playlist, and take things one step at a time. 

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