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plus size fall looks

Fall in Love with These 8 Fierce Looks to Usher in the Fall!

  For those of us who have to say so long to sweet summer, it will be a bittersweet farewell. The sweet part will be welcoming fall with a slew of fierce looks for the...
dressing room 8 plus size maxi dresses

My top 8 Plus Size Maxi Dress Picks – all on sale!

  I'd like to take this moment to thank whoever invented the maxi dress because I can't imagine life without them now.  Never has there been a dress so comfortable, flattering, and sexy all without...
dressing room 8 common curvy woes

My Tips for Tackling Common Curvy Fashion Woes

  Looking effortless and fabulous actually takes work - especially for curvy girls like us.  I know I have long struggled with these 5 "curvy girl fashion woes" below - check out my solutions on...

My Top 8 Curvy Summer Dresses For Under $100

  Ever find the perfect summer dress only to get sticker shock? Let me save you from the sweat and shock! Check out my top 8 summer dresses for under $100!  Don't forget, one dress can...