fffw runway

It wouldn’t be a Fashion Week without a run way show or two!  Here’s my recap of Friday and Saturday nights, but to sum it up in two words: DA BOMB!

Friday night was the Indie Designer Showcase, featuring the following indie designers that are making a big splash – be sure to keep an eye out for them:

Eyani CoutureCurves Make A Woman Boots by Pamela Ask Fashion Hannah Caroline Couture I’MeSoulevant LingerieTru Diva DesignsMisty BelvidereJust CurvesSue Rock OriginalsSerita BellTia Lyn Lingerie  

Check out these highlights from the show (sorry for the low-res pictures, had some gadget issues that night…):

Serita Bell

Serita Bell

Just Curves

Just Curves












Tia Lyn Lingerie

Tia Lyn Lingerie










Saturday night’s show included some heavy-hitters in the industry: Hal RubensteinMarla Wynne GinsburgQurviifullbeautyCurve Culture BoutiqueChristopher & BanksYour Big Sister’s ClosetFit For MeAshley StewartFashionable AddictionsThe Thiq BoutiqueE.G.O. BoutiqueExtra Touch (sold through various retailers)Sydney’s Closet 

Despite all the FANTASTIC clothing I saw on Saturday night, I would say my top 3 picks are…

…..drum roll……


Bold colors and cuts – a great combo in my book!

DSC04330 DSC04365 DSC04358 DSC04351 DSC04350 DSC04347

























Curve Culture Boutique

Love every single one of these pieces!

DSC04461 DSC04457 DSC04455 DSC04448 DSC04443 DSC04439 DSC04436 DSC04431 DSC04427
























Your Big Sister’s Closet 

Very sophisticated and chic!

DSC04547 DSC04542 DSC04538 DSC04535 DSC04529 DSC04526 DSC04521 DSC04518 DSC04509















You can check out The Estrella Fashion Report for more pictures from both nights!

Please do check out each designer above if you’re interested in learning more about their designs and wish to add their pieces to your closet. As always, I’m constantly inspired by what I see and like to look for outfits within a range of prices because fabulousness can be achieved under any budget!

Check out these finds that were inspired by the FFFW runway shows:

                                      You can click on each image to purchase


$24.99 / available up to size 3X


$29.99 / available up to size 3X


$129.99 / available up to size 16

dress 7

$69.99 / available up to size 4X


$119.00 / available up to size 3X


$174.99 / available up to size 4X










$129.99 / available up to size 26


$59.99 / available up to size 3X










If you are new to FFFW click here for 10 fun facts! 

Share your comments below! If you were there, tell me your favorites from Friday or Saturday night!

– Natasha