plus size empowerment through fashion


I launched Dressing Room 8 because I wanted to create a space dedicated to helping curvy women feel empowered through fashion.  As someone who was bullied extensively growing up for my weight, my skin color, my height, my hair, and even my laugh – I had to look for ways to help me face the world everyday.  What became very clear to me was that nothing made me feel as strong and confident as when I put together an outfit that I felt beautiful wearing; fashion was a way for me to take back control from the bullies and abusers – I ultimately have the power to decide how I wanted the world to perceive me.

Here are my 5 reasons for why fashion is the ultimate tool for empowerment!

  1. Fashion is Your Personal Resume to the World – Who are you to the world? Fashion presents unlimited opportunities for you to express who you are – why not use it to its full effect? It’s an unmatched opportunity to introduce yourself to all the strangers that pass you by in your life on a daily basis, even if you never speak to them.
  2. If your outfit makes you feel beautiful, then that’s all that matters – when you feel good about yourself, then you don’t need any further validation.  I find that to be a truly powerful revelation.
  3. Experimentation leads to personal discovery – Maybe you think you only like one style, but you won’t know until you actually get into a dressing room and experiment!  Fashion should be fun and never intimidating.  Channel your inner child and bring yourself back to the days of rummaging through mom’s closet and being uninhibited.
  4. Fashion is art – as a stylist, I view each look I put together as a work of art because it is unique and unlike any other look that exists.  But just like art, I don’t think there is a “bad” work or look so long as you like it and it makes you feel beautiful.
  5. Fashion can replace coffee – not literally, but have you ever felt more confident and alive when you have a good hair day or when you’re wearing your favorite outfit?  That’s because what you wear or how you feel about your appearance can change your mood.

I hope you found this post insightful and that you are able to use fashion to overcome whatever negativity you’re facing.  I can truly say that fashion is the reason why I’m the person I am today: someone who is happy with who she is, and fabulous of course!

The results of being empowered by fashion!

The results of being empowered by fashion!

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Thanks for Reading!
~ Natasha