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How To….Show Off Those Hips!

Showing Off Your Hips

How To Show Off Your Hips!

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March is curves celebration month! This is a shout out to all the curvy 8s who love your hips and aren’t afraid to show them off (and you shouldn’t!).

Less Is More




You don’t necessarily have to show more to look sexy, and with the right outfit, showing less can be even sexier.   This chick ensemble is appropriate for both work and play.


More Stripes Please!




Don’t be afraid to wear stripes! If you have lovely hips that stand out…I dare you to find MORE ways to wear stripes. Embrace your curvy 8 figure while showing off your fashionista queen inside with this dress and these unique accessories.


Party Time! 





Arrive fashionably late to the party looking fabulous with the pieces above and get ready to be the center of attention.


Red Fox 



Nothing says sophistication like burgundy, black and gold.

Click on any item above to add it to your closet!  As always, send a pic to to show me your favorite look that shows off your sexy hips!


– Natasha

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