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During Full Figured Fashion Week, I met an expert in women’s under garments who completely changed the way I thought about how a bra should fit, among other things. I recently connected with her and picked her brain on all the burning questions I had about women’s lingerie that some of you may have as well. 

Meet Tia Lyn!


Tia is an leading American fashion designer best known by her vintage inspired lingerie with a unique modern twist.  She is a two time winner of the international CILA awards for the Best Plus Size Collection and her plus-size designs were recently featured in Glamour Magazine, The Daily Venus Diva and E News! All the pieces in her collections are available in sizes s-3Xclick here to view them 

Check out Tia’s designs at Full Figured Fashion Week

In addition to her own line, Tia has created private label designs for national retailers including Victoria’s Secret, Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Disney Stores and Vanity Fair.

 “It is thrilling to see woman of every size and shape embraced by national media. Curves are to be celebrated and all women should feel beautiful in their lingerie.” ~ Tia Lyn

Without further ado, here’s my interview with the Queen of Lingerie!

Natasha: Do most women wear the wrong bra size? If so, why? 

Tia: Yes..the majority of women wear the wrong bra size!  Typically, women buy a cup too small and a band too big. When you have your shoulder straps always falling off you know it is a problem. One of the reasons why women are wearing the wrong size bra is because they are not properly fitted.  There is no magical equation for the accurate cup size. You want to make sure all of “you” is in the cup and get professionally fitted. Women worry about back fat or not fitting the bra but remember, when men are looking at you, they are looking at your face, boobs, and booty. Remember that ladies! 

Natasha: Should every woman own lingerie?  

Tia: Every woman owes it to herself to own a professionally fitted bra. When you wear the right bra, it takes the pressure off your shoulders. We women carry the world on our shoulders. We don’t need to carry our breast on our neck too. When you are wearing the right bra, you just look more confident! With the right undergarments you can highlight your upper waist and show off your hourglass figure. And, what is really cool about the hourglass figure is that some are wider on the top and some are wider on the bottom. We can show it all ladies!

Natasha:  How does lingerie make women feel more sexy?

Tia: It’s the woman that makes the lingerie sexy not vice versa, women should be dressing from the inside out – less is always more!  

Natasha: What should every woman have in her closet? 

Tia: #1 – Classic Black Slip under a little black dress – when your skirt lifts up, there is nothing sexier than seeing a little bit of lace  

#2 – Thong – It can be big or small. Every woman should have one! 

#3 – Robes – Love…love…love if they are sheer or silky! 

#4 – Black Garter Belt – They dress up a bra and panties instantly!  

Natasha: How do you style with your lingerie? 

Tia:  Like jewelry, mixing and matching your undergarments is playful and very sexy!

Natasha: What is the best way to shop for lingerie?  

Tia: Shopping with girlfriends is the best! You and your girls can take selfies in the dressing room. Fun…Fun…Fun! It is good to ask for help, but remember that people see you in a vision different than yours. So, keep that in mind. And, if you are not comfortable in something, skip it! 

Natasha: What should a woman keep in mind when shopping for lingerie? 

Tia: #1 – Colors of choice include: Black, Nude, Ivory, and Red  – With your lingerie you are creating a story. Each piece adds new scenes. For your partner,  you can bring back memories

#2 – Stand Alone vs. Mix In! Go for pieces that stand alone on their own or are great to mix and match with what you already have 

#3 – Textures are important – Something soft that works for you might not work for someone else. For instance, some people are sensitive to elastic. 

Natasha: What are some common challenges for curvy women shopping for lingerie? 

Tia: #1 – Cups too small – flowing out scenarios. However, flowing out isn’t always a bad thing, ESPECIALLY in a baby doll! 

#2 – Not fitting like regular clothing – If it doesn’t fit right or it is uncomfortable…toss it!  

Natasha: What should you expect from Tia Lyn Lingerie? 

Tia: You will feel like a million bucks!  

#1 – The lingerie will glisten on a hanger! When putting it on it will feel like butter! 

#2 – When you put it on, you will want to hug yourself! 

#3 – It will feel luxurious on the skin and look it in the mirror  

#4 – The back will be JUST as cute as the front – turn around and check out the cute back side!

#5 – It will make you feel pretty! 

#6 – It will feel delicate! Just because you are curvy, does that mean you need a 6 inch strap? No! Tia Lyn lingerie will feel sheer, delicate, and light!  

Natasha: What do you love most about being in this business? 

Tia: It’s not about me! It is about how the women feel in the garments. Intimate apparel is about the intimacy of the woman, the lingerie, and who she shares it with!  In the bed, you can be any size or play any role you want! It is all up to you! It is a fun place that is all about the wearer NOT the designer!  You need to choose what works for you! 

                          Click here to shop Tia’s collections!

dressing room 8 tia lyn

dressing room 8 tia lyn











dressing room 8 tia lyn

dressing room 8 tia lyn