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If you take a look at all the movers and shakers who are disrupting our industries these days, you’ll realize that many of them are not even old enough to purchase alcohol. Well, I met quite an impressive 19 year-old from Omaha, Nebraska at Full Figured Fashion Week NYC who had me feeling quite old, and I’m only 28. At the tender age of 19, Hannah is a self-taught designer, seamstress, and business-owner. In fact, the seedlings for her company, Hannah Caroline Couture (HCC), were planted while she was still in high school where she sold custom-made fashion accessories to her classmates.  

These days, Hannah will create a custom garment for you that is edgy, sophisticated and most importantly, form-fitting; there’s not much else a curvy girl can ask for. Oh, and did I mention her line was also featured at the Full Figure Fashion Week Runway Show

Whether you’re a budding plus-size designer or someone in search of the perfect garment, you need to read the interview below and check out Hannah Caroline Couturethis girl is definitely someone to keep an eye on!


Hannah Olson (Owner of Hannah Caroline Couture)

Hannah Olson (Owner of Hannah Caroline Couture)

Natasha: What are the different types of clothing that you make? 

Hannah: I am self-taught and I primarily make clothing for special occasions. I’ve made wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, dresses, tops, and skirts. I am working on adding Jackets and pants to what HCC offers.

Natasha: Who is your ideal customer? 

Hannah: She is bold but not over the top. She wants her clothing to make a statement.  She is not someone who wants to blend in.  She is edgy and wants a youthful look. 

Natasha:  Is there a difference making clothing for straight sizes versus plus sizes? 

Hannah: Yes, the two differences are 1) silhouettes and 2) fabrics. Silhouettes work for any straight size. However, there are better fabrics to work with for plus sizes. Thicker fabrics tend to be more flattering for plus sizes. Body types do come to mind as well. I prefer A-line garments because they are more flattering for different body types.  

Natasha: What are some of the body types that you have worked with? 

Hannah: So far, I’ve mostly worked with hourglass and pear shaped women. I have worked with some apple clients as well. I really like doing custom work because you can make the clothing fit the client’s body type. Personally, I support applying mens sizing to women because it is geared more to the fit of the person instead of using arbitrary numbers. 

Natasha: What are some inspirations for your designs? 

Hannah: My inspiration comes from architecture and material. I frequently go to Chicago to get my fabrics and find the textiles that inspire the clothing. 

Natasha: What should a customer expect when she orders a custom-made garment from you? 

Hannah: That the clothing will fit perfectly and look exactly like the agreed upon sketch. The garments I make are also made to last and are washing machine-friendly.

Natasha: What are your future plans for HCC?

Hannah: I would like to stay in Omaha to build the business and plus size industry here. I want to continue having the focus of the business on offering custom clothing. My focus is to have a localized impact on the Omaha fashion industry. I also want to come back to NYC Full Figured Fashion Week in 2016. I would love to collaborate with bigger brands like Ashley Stewart, and I would like to build out the wedding portion of the business.

                                CLICK HERE TO SHOP THESE LOOKS AT HCC! 

hannah caroline couture   hannah caroline couture

hannah caroline couture   hanna caroline couture


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~ Natasha