If undefinable is what you’re going for, then look no further than this post.  I’ve selected a nice variety of unique and fun accessories for you to experiment with.

It’s time to unleash your inner quirk and show everyone how fun fashion can truly be!

Jollychic Solid Color Buckle Fashion Style Womens Hat  Rhinestone Oversized Sunglasses LEOPARD

Perching High and Low Top    Houndstooth Pattern Elastic-band Plus Size Leggings

Jollychic Beads Star Pattern Layers Necklace For Women  Dollhouse Round Toe Curved Wedge

Jaws the Two of Us Tote    Put a Ring Chevron It! Ring in Silver

Star Flight, Star Bright Earrings in Gold     Snake Skin Red Flex Watches Last Kings White Snake Watch

Jollychic Chic Shiny Personality Rhinestone Owl Cuff Bracelet    Flirty and Dessert-y Nail Stickers

My Lip Lot is Poppinb   Owl Lend You a Hand Cream


As always, I am dying to see your favorite quirky look! Email your pics to Natasha@www.dressingroom8.com.


– Natasha