Ending Summer Comfortably

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This post was sponsored. The dress was provided by Perfectly Priscilla BoutiqueMy opinions are all my own. 

Here in NY, it is crazy to think that summer is really coming to end and fall is quickly upon us. If we have to say bye to the summer season, we might as well do it comfortably.

Natasha Nurse

Dress | Shoes

What is more comfortable than a light summer dress? I thoroughly loved how light and smooth the material felt. Plus, the openings on the arms are to die for! The “Cool Weather Coming Dress” is the perfect fit for ushering in fall. 

Natasha Nurse Dress | Shoes

Ladies, I know you love your heels but can your feet say the same? Thankfully, I have fallen in love with my comfy fitflops from Turnpike Comfort Footwear. Finally, I have sandals that actually support me and give me the style I need to complete my summer look. 

What will you miss from the summer the most? For me, it will be the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the summer on a hot humid day, especially when you have comfortable clothes to rock.  

Closing the door to summer with a whole new season, means we can finally appreciate fall fashion and New York Fashion Week! Who isn’t excited about that? 

Natasha Nurse

 Dress | Shoes 

~ Natasha 

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