Self-love and confidence – two things that we all need, but not all women have.

The #HereIAm Campaign by JCPenney is aimed at spreading the message that we each have plenty to love and be confident about when it comes to ourselves.

If you happen to be plus size like myself or the amazing Ashley Nell Tipton, Mary Lambert, Jes Baker, Valerie Sagun, and Gabi Fresh – join the conversation by sharing your own inspiring message using #HereIAm or sharing their touching stories and words of encouragement.

Growing up, it was quite obvious that I was different. I was taller, fatter, and blacker than most of the kids around me. Did I think my weight was going to hold me back in life at the time? Sadly, yes. Boys were hardly chasing me down and I was constantly told of all the things a big girl “shouldn’t” do or wear. Thankfully, I haven’t thought that way for many years. 

The #HereIAm campaign was the perfect reminder that I am creative, bold, fearless, dynamic, and I also happen to be plus size. My luscious hips and big bust doesn’t define me. 

Thank You JCPenney for this very important message!  

~ Natasha