Have you ever simply left a relationship unsettled where you’re unsure whether you are actually friends with the person or not? Or perhaps you’re holding on to a grudge but haven’t told the other person…for years. 

Many of us live with loose ends in our lives. Which means many of us have a lot of uncertainty that we’re choosing not to deal with on a daily basis. You may think that ignoring or procrastinating on dealing with these issues is the best approach. I mean, who likes confrontation? But that uncertainly that we’re putting off builds over time leading to anxiety and a feeling of unease.  

If you’ve ever felt the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders after severing a toxic friendship, then you’ve personally experienced the benefits of saying goodbye on your terms. I recently had to do so with a family member and immediately felt my body ease up after the conversation; I think I slept for 15 hours straight that night. 


The key to saying goodbye on your terms is confronting issues in your life that you’ve let linger for too long. Here’s a helpful list of potential situations or people that are worth saying goodbye to before they chip away at you.

1- A romantic partner who you keep seeing but causes you pain

2- A friend who makes you feel little or stupid

3 – A friend/family member/colleague who only speaks to you when they need a favor

4 – A job that gives you the Sunday Scaries

Saying goodbye is never easy but often necessary.  To do this, it means you have to let go of the weight holding you back. What are some things in your life that you would like to move past

~ Natasha