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#1 Look for the Job You Want

One of the best ways to land the job you want is to focus your search on jobs you really want to be considered for. It is easy to apply to anything that is available. If you are focusing on growing your career, then you will be strategic when applying for jobs. 

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#2 Ace the Interview

You have one opportunity to make a great first impression. What does it take to make an unforgettable impression? Watch the video to get the tips you need to ace your next interview.

#3 Share Your Story on the Resume

How you present your story and career background on your resume plays a big part of whether you are selected for an interview on a traditional job application. If your resume is all a potential employer has in front of them to decide whether they want to speak with you, that resume needs to be UNFORGETTABLE. Watch the video to learn what you need to do to craft the resume you need. 

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#4 Write an Effective Cover Letter

There are a ton of employers who don’t want you to send a cover letter with your job application. There are employers who require you send one, but no one reads them. Whether they are read or not, if you are including one in your job application, it needs to be effective in getting the reader to look over your resume and eager to schedule a time to speak with you to learn why you are the right candidate for the role. 

#5 Master the Art of Networking

Networking is a total game changer. It isn’t something to fear or avoid. Watch the video to learn how you can become a master networker today! 

#6 Shake Off Rejection Along the Way

Rejection isn’t something that most people want or enjoy. Some of us fear being told no or that we didn’t get the job or opportunity we wanted. Guess what? Getting a rejection doesn’t have to be bad at all. If you don’t get a job you applied for, it could be an indicator it wasn’t the right opportunity for you or the right opportunity for right now. Watch the video to learn how to shake off rejection like a boss! 

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#7 Ask for What You Want

Everything is negotiable. Sometimes, we forget this when we are offered something we really want. If you are offered the job you want, make sure you have considered the offer and determined if you want to negotiate the salary or non-compensation benefits. Watch the video to learn why asking for what you want really matters. 

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