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Body positivity has been gaining a lot of attention recently, and all for good reasons since many beauty standards are quite outdated and relics of bygone eras. Being all dressed up and glammed up for others is fine, but so is showing your imperfections. For many years, the fashion industry used to push certain body types as the norm, which consequently led to a lot of insecurity and body image issues. So, witnessing this great wave of change can be super beneficial for everyone, especially those who aren’t confident about the way their body looks, due to unrealistic beauty standards. Yet, there’s an aspect of body positivity movement that tends to get some things wrong: mainly the fact that you should accept yourself without actually doing anything to bring positive changes to your life.

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#1 Go to a Doctor

Health is a personal journey that requires your attention, regardless of how much you weigh. It is paramount to consult a medical professional who’ll be able to tell you what health concerns you are currently facing and what options are available to you. Being healthy is something that should never be ignored. Without prioritizing your health, you risk not being able to move forward with other areas in your life. Your health ALWAYS matters! 

#2 Start exercising

Seeing perfectly toned fitness influencers telling you what to do might be a bit disheartening, but luckily, there are other body positivity influencers that actually live healthily, so they could be the perfect motivation to start exercising. Besides the weight loss, working out has a lot of other benefits so feel free to check out all the options before you decide to stick to something for longer period. If you’re not a type that likes going to the gym, you can go to group classes that are more intimate that offer various exercises such as Pilates, yoga or aerobics. Finally, in case you prefer to exercise alone, you can always go for a run or work out in the comfort of your own home.

#3 Embrace clothes that look good on you

Dressing for your body type is how you exude confidence in whatever you are wearing. Feeling good in what you wear helps you in your life and career. Taking the time to understand what brands work for your body and budget is a MUST. Additionally, you can also pay attention to the undergraments you choose to wear. Instead of wearing boring or  lackluster sports bras, you can choose sexy and comfortable plus size bras that will accentuate your cleavage in a nice way. Wearing stylish clothes suitable for your body type is the best way to look good and feel self-confident no matter what your weight is.

#4 Eat the right stuff

Loving your body and being happy about the way you look regardless of your actual size is great, but that doesn’t mean you should eat anything you want without any consequences. Sugary treats, deep-fried food, fast food snacks, artificially flavored sodas might all taste great, but they can be very harmful to your health. Now, treating yourself occasionally is great, but make sure to educate yourself on how to eat a balanced diet filled with nutrients that will keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.

Also, if possible try to focus on cooking your own meals, as then you can be sure that you’re eating healthy stuff since a lot of restaurants buy foods in bulk, and sometimes that food can be of lower quality. Always read the ingredients and make sure to choose food (and snacks) that contain the least amount of artificial ingredients, salt, sugar, and trans fats.


Body positivity is great when done right. Loving yourself should always be your top priority, but besides that, you should always focus on improving your dietary habits and exercising, as these are the best ways to look good without sacrificing your well-being. Keep in mind that self-love comes from within, but in order to fully love and accept yourself, you need to learn how to practice self-love and care for your own health and safety.