The Future of Fashion is Resale, No Matter Your Size

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StyleForIt is the first plus-size online consignment platform dedicated to sizes 12-32. On the platform you can do the following: 

  • Buy clothes (new and used)
  • Sell clothes (new and used) 
  • Consume empowering content (via social media)

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Want to Make Plus-Size History?

Did you hear the big news? StyleForIt launched an Indiegogo campaign to take the platform to the next level. There is still time for you to support the campaign and make plus-size history. Want to learn more? Get all the campaign details HERE

3 Reasons to Support StyleForIt’s Campaign

#1 Support Brands that Support You

Consumers have a lot of power when they decide where to shop. If you support brands that support you, it creates a positive and empowering marketplace where all parties win. StyleForIt was designed to empower plus size women to buy clothes that fit their style and personality. Tired of clutter in your closet? Why not sell those clothes and make money from clothes you already own. Having these options on one platform is very exciting. As a StyleForIt Ambassador, I hope as many people as possible can support the StyleForIt’s campaign goals

#2 Make Plus-Size Fashion History

Over 67 percent of women in the United States wear size 14 and above. Why is this significant? The overwhelming majority of women are plus-size but the majority of retailers don’t cater to the plus-size community. If you ever wanted to play a role in the future success of a company, now is the time to support StyleForIt. By supporting the campaign, you are helping a platform cater to many women who have been denied too long in the fashion community.   

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#3 Easy Shopping & Selling

Do you like to save time when shopping online?

When you can save money and time when shopping do you jump for joy? Time is the most valuable asset you have. If you can save time, you are WINNING. Are you ready to join one community where you can easily shop and make money. Join the community HERE. And, support the StyleForIt campaign HERE

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