Jump: Dare To Do What Scares You in Business and Life by Kim Perell | November Book Club Recap

You’ll be excited to read Jump: Dare to Do What Scares You in Business and Life by Kim Perell for the following 5 reasons: 

1) This book will teach you how to think about risk differently: Instead of thinking about risk as something negative or dangerous, Perell shows us that risk can be seen as something positive and exciting—a way to grow and learn from failure.

2) It gives you practical advice on how to take a leap yourself: Perell doesn’t just tell stories; she gives readers concrete steps for taking action in their own lives and careers—and it works!

3) After reading this book, you’ll become a better leader, manager, and team member.

4) This book will help you overcome your fears and stop letting them hold you back from living life to its fullest potential.

5) This book will change your life! It will give you the tools that are necessary for achieving success in business and life!

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